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Stokke Sleepi or Leander?

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MultipleMama Thu 13-Feb-14 16:46:08

I have the Leander, dd1 used it from 8 months - til now (2.10), she has just today gone into stage 3 (i.e front bars off), the cot is a little on the small side but she is a small 2 year and still has room to spare around her. I personally love it for her as she fits perfectly but I wouldn't buy another.

londonlouise79 Wed 06-Nov-13 18:28:32

I was all set to buy a Stokke Sleepi but have just had the Leander recommended to me. I like that the Stokke has wheels (did you find you used them much?) but the Leander looks sturdier. Are there any views on which is better?

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