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Adjoining single beds with nice childs design??

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LlamaLover Sun 10-Nov-13 12:15:23

I have two single beds pushed together to make a super king in my bedroom (me and 3 year old DS share, although he also has his own room).

I've put a super king mattress topper over the two mattresses and it keeps it all together. You can also use bungee cords to keep them together (from one mattress handle, underneath both matresses to the other matresses handle)

In your situation, I'd probably look for a bunk bed that can come apart as two beds. Use as two beds pushed together now and a bunk bed later.

Honeymoonmummy Sun 27-Oct-13 23:45:59

Thanks Hoggle. We've decided to leave it for a while and get her something else, maybe get beds at Christmas.

HoggleIsMyFriend Sun 27-Oct-13 01:23:09

I think you can get 2 singles that zip together to make a superking sized bed.
Pretty sure they are expensive though.

Honeymoonmummy Sat 26-Oct-13 23:54:36

I was planning to wait until DS was properly toilet trained before getting them new beds - the cot bed still has plenty of space for him - but DD's single bed is starting to show signs of age and we're struggling to think of what to get her as a "big present" for her birthday. It's not the best present, I'll grant you, but I think she'd be chuffed if we could get a nice novelty headboard.

Honeymoonmummy Sat 26-Oct-13 23:52:18

Sorry, I didn't explain that well at all! The long side of DD's bed is against the wall on one side and against the cot on the other. The cot has a lowered rail which is permanently lowered. We've had it this way for a while since DS started climbing out of the cot.

Honeymoonmummy Sat 26-Oct-13 23:50:32

At the moment the cot is pushed up against the bed with the cot side permanently down but it is still high enough that he can't roll over onto the bed. That said, he doesn't move around much and she's not too bad either so if we got 2 x 3 foot beds I should think there would be plenty of space. We could separate the beds but I like the idea of us all being able to get in and have a snuggle while they are still young enough to want to do this! smile We have a king size in our bedroom and it is a bit of a squeeze when we're all together but 6 foot would be super king size.

LittleRobots Sat 26-Oct-13 23:34:36

I believe bunk beds aren't recommended before 6 years old due to accidents (usually kids jumping off the top when parents think they wont!)

Ours are a similar age and we've got them either side of the room at the moment. Do they sleep well together at the moment then? We'd love to have a much bigger room with separate "sides" as they get older so they share but have personal space.

Honeymoonmummy Sat 26-Oct-13 23:28:38

Hi all,

My DD is 5 next week and DS is 2.7. DS is still in a cot (but always falls asleep on the bed) and the cot is pushed up against the single bed that DD is in. I am thinking of getting them 2 new beds for her birthday next week (last minute I know!) but I like that DH or I can lie with them at night when they go to sleep at the moment so we need beds that can take mine or DHs overweight.

What I am thinking is to get them 2 single beds which we would push up against each other to make one big bed, but we'd have the option to make them 2 single beds further down the line.

I don't want anything expensive because DS will be toilet training at night within the next year hopefully and I can see them wanting bunk beds within the next few years.

So - questions:

- has anyone done this and is it easy/ possible to get two single beds that join without the inevitable gap in the middle?

- if so, does anyone know of any nice kids headboards that would sit next to each other without causing a gap?

- what age were your DC's when they were pestering for bunk beds? Am I just wasting money when I should just get bunk beds, and if we go for bunk beds are there any which will take the significant weight of an adult?? Or should I just get a superking size bed for them - I suppose this causes problems with duvet covers etc.

Wow, epic post! grin

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