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Splittable bunk bed that you can buy one bed at a time?

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rumtumtugger Thu 20-Jun-13 21:30:20

Dd is 2.5 and we are due another dd in a few months. Dd is in a cot bed at the moment and we're planning on buying a single bed for her, and putting dd2 into the cot bed when she outgrows the Moses basket.

They'll eventually be sharing a room, so I'd like to get them bunk beds to use a few years down the line, but I'd rather not buy a single bed and then a bunk bed later on.

Is there such a thing as a splittable bunk bed where you can buy the 'bunks' separately?

Or are we just better off buying dd2 a cot or cot bed and then buying a bunk bed a few years down the line?


ilovemybabies123 Fri 21-Jun-13 10:13:50

We have a 3 year old and a 11 week old. When I was pregnant with dd2, we bought a metal bunk bed (come in pink, blue, silver, black or white) for £100 and put the 3 year old in 1 half of it. We had to buy he a mattress but the other half of the bunk bed I made up of literally just poles and is stored behind our wardrobe as we live in a flat so when dd2 is old enough or if I get pregnant again, we can either have 2 single beds or bunk beds to free up the cot/cot bed. Hope this helps x

ilovemybabies123 Fri 21-Jun-13 10:14:38

Meant to say, go it off eBay with free delivery. Very easy to build

rumtumtugger Sat 22-Jun-13 15:05:45

Thanks, do you have a link to it? I think we'd prefer a sturdy wooden frame, do you know of anything like that?

wildstrawberryplace Sat 22-Jun-13 15:12:14

Thuka Trendy You can buy the single first and then convert to bunks later.

RandomMess Sat 22-Jun-13 15:14:06

Flexa beds you can as well

rumtumtugger Mon 24-Jun-13 10:20:14

Great, they look just the job!

TolliverGroat Mon 24-Jun-13 10:25:57

I agree on Thuka -- they are expensive (although shop around for the best deal as suppliers can differ wildly) but virtually indestructible and can be configured in a whole host of ways.

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