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Suitable holiday travel cot?

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acoton Thu 06-Jun-13 22:00:29

Coming to the UK on holiday for 5 weeks with my daughter who will be just 6 months when we arrive. Have been looking at the pop up koo di type cots and also small baby-bjorn pen types...
Has anyone had experience with either type and what would they recommend?

4x4 Sat 15-Jun-13 06:51:25

I'd just borrow a standard travel cot or get one on ebay cheap. I tried pop up variety but they aren't great once baby is past infant really and not safe once the can roll over in my opinion .

barefootwalker Sat 15-Jun-13 07:05:23

We've been doing quite a lot of staying away from home with our 6mo for one reason or another and have a Mothercare pop up cot as well as the Koo di tent. DD actually seems to sleep better in the tent but I can't work out why! I would say if you're using any travel cot for more than a few nights then you might want to think about getting a better mattress for it. I'm modifying with a padded playmat under the sheet at the moment but without that DD seems to find the mattresses to uncomfortable and she wakes more. I think Koo di do an inflatable mattress. The Koo di fit into my suitcase when we went to Australia a couple of months ago where as transporting a pop up travel cot would definitely be an additional piece of luggage. Don't be fooled by Koo di's claim that the tent has a black out incorporated though. The tent it made of beige fabric so the light gets through the whole thing but the doors have some black material that goes over them. I have no idea how they thought that was going to work as a blackout! Hope that helps, enjoy you holiday!

acoton Fri 05-Jul-13 11:34:11

thanks-seems like they all have thier pros and cons. wanted to get something small and portable but also safe-thanks for the suggestions.

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