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Ikea cots - a rant

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OdaBear Mon 06-May-13 09:01:58

Hi everyone,

I am massively frustrated and angry at a recent order I placed with Ikea for a cot and associated paraphernalia. We are expecting our second child, and have left the cot will late in my pregnancy, (I'm 34 weeks), as we didn't want to crowd the place with furniture with my toddler running around. My husband took the day off to receive the order. He is a self-employed electrician and forfeited £150 (his usual daily rate) to stay at home, as I can't lift anything due to pelvic girdle pain.

Everything on the order except the cot turned up. I immediately lost hope, as I knew this meant a lengthy call to customer services. I waited 30 minutes on the phone to a premium number to be told that they didn't know what had happened to the cot, and that I would definitely get a call back that day or the next day. I didn't. So now I am stuck with the prospect of spending further time on the phone, costing me money and time I don't have.

Furthermore, Ikea cots are not standard size, so it isn't even as if I can cancel the order for the cot and just get another cot for the mattress and sheets I already have.

In short, if you are going to order from Ikea, please go an collect in-store. If anything goes wrong with a delivery, you will be faced with the huge headache of contacting customer services, only for them to be totally incapable of dealing with the issue.

We have a lovely Mamas and Papas cot for our first son - I thoroughly recommend them if you need a cot.

Gigondas Mon 06-May-13 09:06:24

Sorry that this has happened especially given how late on it is in pregnancy and hassle it causes but think you are making a bit of a generalisation here about ikea.

Also (harsh) wouldn't click and collect have been better to save dh missing out on work.

You could say same about mamas and papas (or anywhere else) being poor as can find any number of gripes on line about any firm.

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