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cotbed side rail recommendations

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mylifestory Wed 24-Apr-13 22:02:28

i have the leander cot that ive just extended to the cotbed size and bought a double sided summer infant side rail which i thought was fab.

however, this doesnt fot the bed as when measures its 65cm wide and not the standard 70cm for cotbeds.

i'm at a loss which side rail to buy now and have resorted to stringing the side of the cot to the cotbed for tonight as I have no idea what to do. we definltely need something as my daughter likes to takes loads of toys, her cup etc to bed and tonight they keep falling out / through the cot side ....


amazingmumof6 Thu 25-Apr-13 04:36:21

how old is she?

must you buy a rail or can you just put a mattress on the floor in case falls out, a stairgate fitted on her bedroom door so she can't wonder in the house at night and just let the toys fall out?
or put a small box next to the cot and see if she will agree for the toys to sleep in that (as their bed?)

I don't know the product, so I went with what I would do, sorry if that's not what you are looking for smile

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