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Twin cots. Sharing. Please, help.

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MamaBlue4 Wed 10-Apr-13 15:39:27

Me again

Okay, lately I've been thinking and I want a few opinions before I approach the subject with dh, although I know he'll agree if it's a good reason.

I have 30 week old twin boys and they can't sleep without each others touch. They've been that way since birth, unable to settle when tired or in cot without being next to each other, they pretty much have similar routines, (i.e wake together, feed together) and they can sense when the other isn't there (they become restless and cry).

Right now, they share a co-sleeper and are perfectly content, we've tried putting them down to sleep separately and it distresses them, only time they allow is during day naps in bouncer and pushchair. I'm not willingly to separate them if keeping them together does no harm.

Here's the situation.

We have two Leander cots which we plan on using for the twins, however I'm guess they're going to be sharing for quite awhile and the Leander cots just aren't big enough for both of them, and how their nursery is/will be laid out when the cots are together they wouldn't even be able to see each other if they were eventually separated.

I know we should have thought about it by now but it's been at the back of our minds as they are in co-sleeper and didn't think they'd sleep together this long.

So, my question is are their any cots in like a L shape that are big enough for twins to share one cot, but able to see each other and or touch, when they eventually go into separate cots? And where can I buy one?

We're not fussed about having to sell the 2 cribs we bought if goes towards a new crib/s.

Sorry for the long post!!!

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