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Baby bjorn travel cot- is it worth the price?

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CandyPop Wed 16-Jan-13 18:29:02

Bearing in mind it's like 3 times the cost of an average travel cot. Is it really that good? I don't mind splashing out on something that Is great quality and significantly better than the other brands but don't want to pay a premium just for the brand name

Love to hear on those who have one or anyone who uses a cheaper alternative and wouldn't swap it for anything else. Thanks!

mrsMeeple Thu 17-Jan-13 15:48:59

We have this one and love it.

blushingmare Fri 15-Feb-13 07:08:35

MrsMeeple that looks like a good option for us maybe. I'm looking to get a new travel cot and am looking for something lightweight, but more importantly more comfortable as dd hates our John Lewis one and wakes up every hour or so whenever she sleeps in it! What is the mattress like on that one? Does it sit on the floor or is it raised up? Is it inflatable or a foam one? Does it seem comfy? Also, we need to be able to sit or kneel by it for 10-15mins patting her off to sleep - I wondered if the sloping sides would make this more difficult? Would really appreciate your answers as we're off on a big holiday next week so need to make an emergency travel cot purchase (am away with her at the moment and it's made me realise I can't handle a month of her in our current travel cot!!). Thanks.

Whatwhatwhat Sun 24-Feb-13 12:28:56

Babybjorn definitely worth it. Fantastic.

It's out of bag and assembled in 10 seconds.

mimmymouse Thu 28-Feb-13 01:09:32

Candypop: it is totally worth it. Assembles and, just as importantly, disassembles in seconds. Lightweight yet extremely sturdy. SUPER product.

browntoes2 Tue 26-Mar-13 17:13:34

I love it because of the Oeko-Tex standard they have on this and many of their products. I plan to buy a moses basket which is made from fabric to Oeko-Tex standards.

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