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which cotbed siderail ?

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AnyaKnowIt Mon 14-Jan-13 22:14:39

I never bothered as I couldn't get it to fit onto the cotbed.

I lowered the base as far as it would go, took one side of the cot off and placed pillows on the floor.

13Iggis Mon 14-Jan-13 22:10:51

Thinking of my single bedrail (a different brand) it has metal tubular poles that go under the mattress - trying to think if two would fit across eachother - I think they would but if you can get a double, surely easier?
To start with, I'd just put some soft stuff on the floor underneath (we had a mattress from a moses basket, if I remember correctly) in case of falls. Very rarely happened, but you feel better if there's a soft landing! Or even spread a duvet around on the floor. You'll soon see if she's a traveller or sleep in one spot smile

mylifestory Sun 06-Jan-13 20:59:05

im going from cot to cotbed and have all the bits to do this but cant work out which side rai is best for me.

We have the leander cot so its curved and hard to find bits to fit it. Ive been told the summer infant rails are the highest and my little girl definitely needs it! They also come in one sided and 2 sided, i'll definitely need 2 sides to begin with (is there ever a time when you only need 1) her bed wont be against a wall as its not practical.

So whould i buy the summer infant one in single double or can you use 2 single ones??

any otehr advice / considerationsd gratefully appreciated too - thanks!

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