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Super Happy Mummy - Gorgeous Sleigh Bed

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CarryF13 Fri 04-Jan-13 14:26:54

Well we are all quick to post warnings and complaints (which is helpful) but I wanted to make a change and let you know how happy I am with the service I recently received.

I've been searching for ages for cot in a certain style that I really wanted but at a price I could afford - not an easy task as I am very picky and have expensive taste! (but not the money to go with it!! lol) I got to the point where we were desperate for the cot bed and needed something asap. Wednesday this week I found the perfect cot on a site called Online4baby and bit the bullet. Ordered it there and then (whilst sat waiting for an appointment on my mobile phone! Modern technology is a godsend! I don't normally like ordering on my phone but it was very simple to use and even I managed it! lol)

The delivery was free and my cot arrived the next day(thurs)!! They even provided me with a 1hr delivery slot meaning i could get on with errands and not sit in waiting all day(big thumbs up from this busy mum). The delivery guy even carried in for me smile All round brilliant service and low cost product to boot. Highly recommending to all my friends.

How lovely is this (sorry just showing off now!lol)

Have a great day smile

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