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Bednest - will baby bump his head?

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Leftwingharpie Tue 06-Nov-12 08:31:39

We've ordered a bednest for DS but DM strongly disapproves on the basis that it has a hard headboard and footboard and she's worried he'll hurt himself. Is this likely to be an issue? She wants us to put him in a moses basket while he's tiny. Thanks in advance.

13Iggis Mon 14-Jan-13 22:13:59

Nope, mine never bumped. To be honest for the 6 months we used it for, he wasn't really a mover! You're supposed to put their feet near the foot of any bed, so head not too near the top. (We didn't bother much about that as used a grobag rather than blankets).
Very useful bit of kit in my opinion, wish I'd had it for both babies.

AmandaCooper Tue 15-Jan-13 17:45:14

Thanks very much for the reply! We've ended up with a Moses basket as well just in case! Hopefully he won't be too mobile as it seems like a brilliant solution in all other respects.

mimmymouse Thu 28-Feb-13 01:12:04

What a load of nonsense. My whopping baby is in a bednest and she is a wriggler - NO chance of her hitting her head. I also cannot recommend the bednest highly enough. If only I'd had one for DC1....

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