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Bunk bed help please.

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mumat39 Thu 18-Oct-12 13:15:38

Does this look like a good deal?

Also does it look like it would be a practical option?

We have 2 dc, 5 and 3. The three year old would go in the bottom, but if he were to get up in the night, we could get in with him.

Does anyone have a Joseph bunk bed and would you recommend it?

Does anyone have this one and would you recommend it?

Many thanks in advance.

mumat39 Fri 19-Oct-12 10:22:50


I'm really confused between a regular bunk bed, so 2 singles, or one of the triple sleeper ones like the one I linked to above.

Our dc, girl and boy share a small room at the moment. DS is still in a cot bed, which he is too big for, as he's a really fidgety sleeper. Dd sleeps in a single bed at the moment.

We live in a town house with 3 floors. The smallest room is too small for a single bed and is useful for hanging clothes to dry.

We are all on the top floor at the moment. We are thinking of moving to the middle floor, and moving the dc into our room which is a rectangular shaped double. The room has 2 windows along one of the long walls, wardrobes along one of the shorter sides, door to the landing on the other long wall as well as another door to an ensuite shower room, so the only wall with nothing on or in it is the other short side.

I'm confused about the layout as I don't like the idea of the beds under the windows, as one of the windows is right next o the wardrobes and would be opposite the door to the landing and would block that off. The other windo is directly opposite the door to the small ensuite and would block that off.

So, I'm thinking a bunk bed on the the only 'free' wall would be best and would also mean more room in the room for the DD's toys which we are drowning in at the moment. In an ideal world we wouldn't have toys in their room, but they are in the room we'd be moving into so have to go somewhere.

So what should we go for? The triple sleeper bunk bed Or a normal bunk bed with 2 singles.

In the future, DS would probably move into the room they currently share, and dd would have what will be their new room. I'm trying to get this right now so we can minimise moving furniture at a later date and also to not have to buy more furniture. So bunk beds that split into two separate beds would be ideal.

The doule on the bottom would be useful for one of us to sleep in if the dc are unwell or if DS gets out of his bed at night. We'd use a monitor to hear them as we'd be on a different floor.

The other option would be to move the dc to the middle floor which would be the easier option, but for some reason I'm uncomfortable with that and would feel more comfortable if we were between the dc and the ground floor if that makes sense, just in case we were ever broken into during the night.

We only have a couple of choices but I'm getting more and more confused, hence my post on here.

Sorry for the long post, but if anyone has any thoughts, pros cons etc that would be great.

I'm sure I sound ridiculous, but I often have great ideas that I don't think through properly and would like to get this right first time.

Many thanks in advance.

MistressIggi Sun 04-Nov-12 17:54:35

I think that looks like a lovely bed, if I had the space I'd go for it. Definitely nice to have a double at the bottom. Is your 5 your old confident about sleeping in the upper bunk?

mumat39 Thu 08-Nov-12 16:12:13

Thanks for replying Mistress. We ended up ordering it but the package got damaged during transport so we're waiting to it to be replaced. Unfortunately they didn't have the same one in stock so we've gone for the joseph polo three sleeper instead.

My 5 year old is really excited about being in the top bunk but if she isn't when it arrives both she and her brother can share the double until she is, so either way it'll hopefully be fine. Fingers crossed.

We had to move rooms so they'll be moving into ours to give them more space for all their far too many toys.

Thanks agin for your reply. smile

MistressIggi Thu 08-Nov-12 22:11:37

That's a PITA about waiting for a new one. Hope you get many nights of sound sleep!
Cots and beds is not the busiest section of Mumsnet, is it? grin

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