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is a hard or soft mattress better?

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cleoteacher Thu 11-Oct-12 10:35:00

Still not brought a mattress with 8 weeks to go. I am putting it off as I am so unsure what to get and what is a 'good' mattress and what is not. Many people have told me to spend a decent amount on a mattress as it is important but I have no idea what is good value for money and what isn't.

I was looking at one mattress which is reduced from £132 to £80 which seemed a good deal but when I read in detail it is described as a basic mattress and has thin layers between the coils. Anyway, this was described as a hard mattress. Which is best hard or soft mattress?

canistartagainplease Thu 11-Oct-12 11:59:26

Cant help you , but sure someone will come along.

vodkaanddietirnbru Tue 06-Nov-12 14:05:57

the mattress is supposed to be firm, not soft

BertieBotts Tue 06-Nov-12 14:43:27

I was told the opposite - not to spend too much on a mattress as they don't use them for long and you have to replace it if you have another child anyway.

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