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Mattress - comfy ones for single beds please, desperate!

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Bluestocking Tue 18-Sep-12 17:01:52

There's a John Lewis mattress on DS's bed and it is super-comfy. The label says Prelude - not sure they still stock them, as I can't find it on the website, but I'm sure they must have something similar.

hugoagogo Tue 18-Sep-12 16:47:10

We have these on the bunk beds and I would rather sleep on them than in my own bed.

permaquandry Mon 17-Sep-12 20:16:49

Hi there, 7 yr old (very light) finds her single bed mattress really uncomfy. It wasn't cheap but she's right, it's a bit firm. Can anyone recommend a decent single bed mattress for kids (not memory foam), ta v much.

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