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Best cotbed for tall baby?

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MissMitten Thu 13-Sep-12 20:18:30

Thanks both! 58cm sounds good. Our current cot only gives us 40cm, so that would be a big improvement. We inherited the cot and I think it was built for a generation of smaller children!

Longdistance Thu 13-Sep-12 14:10:54

I thought cot beds were pretty much the same size really. Our one that we got from seems pretty tall, and dd1, who's 3 soon can climb in it, but not out of it, and I think it's on it's lowest setting. Dd1 doesn't sleep in it, dd2 does (14mo) and she's tall too.

dozensofpichu Thu 13-Sep-12 14:05:32

We have a mothercare one, on the lowest setting the height is 58cm from the top of the mattress. My DD is a very tall 16 mo and there is no way she could get over it! HTH

MissMitten Wed 12-Sep-12 20:27:14


Does anyone know which cotbeds have the greatest height from the mattress to the side rail, with the mattress on the lowest setting? My tall 9 month old is already dangerously close to climbing out of our cot, so I think it's time to invest in a cot bed.


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