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Switching from crib to bed 1yr old

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xkatxdollx Tue 11-Sep-12 04:03:09

Hey ladies im thinking about switching my girl to a big girl bed on her first birthday on the 18th if it doesnt work ill just go back to the crib but just wanted to know of anyone elses experiences with switching early!

MamaChocoholic Tue 11-Sep-12 04:24:14

All of my climbers have switched before 2. With ds1 we had the bed and the cot in the room at the same time, took ds1 shopping for bedclothes, then explained he could sleep in his big boy bed, but if he got out of bed he would have to go back in his cot. He got out the first 3 nights, and never again.

With the dts it has been harder, I have to sit and police their bedtimes as they leap out of bed to try and run around the room. but less scary than waiting for them to fall out of their cots!

xkatxdollx Wed 12-Sep-12 01:15:47

Ya thats what im thinkin too

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