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Waterproof sheet for ikea toddler bed

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Hazeyk Mon 10-Sep-12 15:03:59

Hello All,

Please help! After my 21 month old had a bout of sickness I really need to get a waterproof protector for his bed. The only thing is it's from Ikea so an odd shape (70 cm x 160cm) and they don't sell waterproof sheets. I found one place online ( but it's £19 for one sheet which seems a little steep to me.

Any suggestions?



Bert2e Mon 10-Sep-12 15:12:14

This one fits!,default,pd.html?cm_sp=ProductFeatures-_-Category%2520landing-_-Mothercare%2520Waterproof%2520Terry%2520Flat%2520Sheet&q=mattress%20protectors%20%26%20covers&q=mattress%20protectors%20%26%20covers

Hazeyk Mon 10-Sep-12 20:11:07

Ha! Dur I didn't even think to try Mothercare, thanks for doing my thinking for me, that's excellent!

Finbert Mon 10-Sep-12 20:15:18

I've just bought a waterproof cotbed sheet from Tesco for less than £5, think it is around that size

Twonker Mon 10-Sep-12 20:19:19

Watch out for cheapo ones. I just bought a single one from wilkinson and it was ripped and useless within days. I bought a really expensive one from boots and it's been absolutely brilliant.

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