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Custom bedding for cot beds?

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KosherBacon Mon 06-Aug-12 19:52:50

OMG I am so bored with the cotbedding that is on sale in M&P, Mothercare etc. I keep looking at the sets that they get in America, with lovely box pleat valances and they do look great, but unfortunately, their cots are a different size to ours.

I keep looking at Etsy and things like this, who can custom make to size, however they are very expensive, and that doesn't even include postage to the UK and import duties.

It would work out cheaper to buy the fabric and get it made up over here, however I don't know where to go. Can anybody recommend any online shops or people based in Leeds or Manchester who would be able to make me something up?

Or alternatively can somebody recommend somewhere that does nice bedding. The best I have found in the UK is this Olli Ella range, however I really do have my heart set on elephants with yellows and grey.

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