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Mattress protectors

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Milliways Thu 19-Jul-12 21:11:57

We got a fairly expensive terry covered plastic backed sheet (no plastic under pillow end) for DS, who was not dry until 7, as it didn't rustle or get hot & sweaty. Drawback is it takes an age to dry and when it came out the washing machine it had trapped a gallon of water in it!

He is now 16 and it's still going strong on his bed as such good quality and is warm.

PrincessScrumpy Thu 19-Jul-12 21:03:50

We have a terry toweling one from Dreams (doesn't get sweaty like plastic sheets) then have a sheet over the top. But when we 1st got rid of nappies at night for dd1 we also used a disposable bed mat so we would avoid having to wash both, and have a spare cheap plastic one while the other is washed.

If it's just a phase, I'd get the disposable ones and put it over the sheet.

Yorky Thu 19-Jul-12 20:25:55

Not the most exciting of topics, but close to my heart atm as DS1 seems to have stopped being dry at night sad I'm hoping its just a phase, due to end of 1st year at school tiredness, but for now an accident every other night is normal and the boots waterproof fitted sheets we have been using for the last few years aren't as waterproof as they were.

Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations for single bed size protectors, and any thoughts on whether its worth getting separate sheets and protector underneath - or is that just 2 things to wash?

Thank you

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