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what is best/manageable with newborn - been given a brio bedside

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peacefuleasyfeeling Mon 30-Jul-12 08:01:03

I got it online from a company called Organic Sheepskins, and they have a section specifically for fleeces for babies, as these should be shorn to a shorter length. Commercial tanning of hides and processing of fleece and fur involves such strong chemicals that it was great to know that DD's sheepskin was free of this toxic load. We've just come back from our first proper camping trip and she slept like a dream snuggled up just like at home, in spite of strong winds, cool temperatures and unfamiliar noises.

Clarella Mon 16-Jul-12 22:24:19

Ah that sounds lovely, thanks for the advice! Where did you get the fleece from, sounds ideal!

peacefuleasyfeeling Sun 15-Jul-12 21:10:49

Congratulations! I found our bedside cot an absolute godsend (DD, 2.2 yrs, is still in it!), and we tried all sorts of sleeping arrangements; in the bed co-sleepers, moses basket, plain old daddy's side of the bed (daddy in the guest room wink) as well as the Cossatto bedside cot. I did have to sit up to feed (as opposed to feeding lying on the side if baby sleeps next to you in bed), but it didn't really bother me. It's just nice to know that your movements won't disturb your baby, you can faff around with the duvet and stretch out all you like. And if you buy some cot-bumpers it will still be enclosed and cosy. DD has always had a short shorn, organic sheep fleece in the cot which made it even snugglier and which is great for travelling as it means we just pack it and she sleeps anywhere; airport lounges, friends' guestrooms, Travel Lodges... Good luck!

Clarella Sun 15-Jul-12 09:02:50


Not due till Nov but first and grappling with all the travel and sleep options (of which I had NO idea!)

I was bowed over by the offer of a brio bedside bed as then the option to co sleep is there without giving DH apoplexy. I live the idea though mum giving said she found it a faff to feed with it and had to get up anyway. Either way its a gift of a cot!

Not too fussed about this as I don't even know if will be able to feed etc (fully intend to try!) But more concerned whether babies actually prefer the small cosiness of a Moses basket - I think someone posted on here their baby spent foray few days in an incubator (right word? Sounds like a chicken) and so liked the size of a Moses over a cot?

This question is probably a 'how long is a piece of string' q with everyones different approaches but any experiences appreciated!

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