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Cot bed mattress & waterproof cover

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Boggler Sun 01-Jul-12 22:09:13

I'm confused! With ds we had a sprung cotbed mattress that had a breathable water resistant cover and we were very happy with it. New baby due in 8 weeks and just ordered a new cotbed and sprung mattress from John Lewis very happy with the quality etc except for one thing. The mattress doesn't seem to be waterproof or water resistant and now looking on Internet I think I will need a mattress protector. So if I put a waterproof protector on the cotbed will I lose the benefits of having a luxury sprung super breathable mattress? I can't see how it can be breathable if there's a waterproof cover on it? I'm tempted to change the order and try to get a different mattress from elsewhere but not sure if I'm just over thinking this.

birdofthenorth Sun 01-Jul-12 22:32:51

Could try pampers bed mats instead of a full mattress protector, adds a waterproof layer without being too thick?

Or just don't waterproof it and stick it somewhere airy after sponging off any leaks (or vomits!) as the breathable mattresses dry v quickly?

Tbh you are over-thinking it a little smile Sounds like a quality mattress and DC2 ought to be just fine.

Boggler Mon 02-Jul-12 16:03:08

I think I've solved the problem, I've found breathable waterproof mattress protectors. I was worrying that psb could somehow smoother themself if the cover wasnt breathable. :-)

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