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Boori bassinet on wheels for DC2?

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duke748 Wed 04-Apr-12 11:01:55

Hi all.

I'm thinking of getting the Boori Madison bassinet (on wheels) for DC2. Link here

We have a 2 bedroom house and the plan is that eventually DCs share the 2nd room. DS1 will have just turned 2 when DC2 comes along, and (baring any escape attempts) will still be in his cot when DC2 arrives. I wanted to have DC2 in my room for around 6 months, but its pretty much full of furniture! There is space at the foot of my bed for a crib/cot but it is only 60cm wide, so that rules out all cotbeds and most cots.

I have seen a spacesaver cot on Kiddicare here which is cheap and was going to go for that, but then I came across the Boori one. I'm thinking the fact that its on wheels will be great. I will be on my own with the kids for most of the time as DP works away overnight 6 days out of 7. I was thinking it could be used to put DC2 into and keep an eye on while I bath DS1 and get him ready for bed, for example.

Also, it would be quite nice to have a bit more storage space under the cot part.

Has anyone had experience of this cot/bassinet? Any reviews? All online reviews seem to be good. Do you think it will last until 6 months ish? Do you think the wheel feature will be useful?

Any hints/tips/advice would be greatly received.

Naisy Tue 12-Jun-12 09:40:54

Bump! I'm also considering a Boori bassinet. I was looking for something higher than a moses basket stand as I have a bad back and I love this design too.

So eagerly awaiting comments from users of this or the King Parrot as an alternative...

Thanks Duke! smile

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