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Best bed to last until he moves out!

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iarebaboon Wed 05-Oct-11 08:53:28

DS is ready to move out of his Cot bed and I'm puzzling over what kind of bed to get him next

Was going to get a bog standard single. But would I be better off getting one of those with storage underneath? or do kids like the high ones with a desk or what have you below?

His room is a good size. It's unlikely he'll have to share it unless we have unexpected triplets. He's not short of storage but the more the better i guess

Anyone want to rave about their Childs fantastic bed that they wouldn't ve without?


HettyAmaretti Wed 05-Oct-11 08:59:00

One with a matress in a draw underneath (for sleepovers). Or, bunks, ladder removed at first.

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