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Please let me rant about ASPACE for a minute.

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jenpetronus Tue 13-Sep-11 16:47:19

Because I am so angry I can't think straight!
We live in France & DH is in the UK with a truck, returning tomorrow. Last week I spoke at great length with them about their "Porterhouse" oak bed, how we could make it work best with delivery etc. Considered every angle and possibility & to be fair, they tried hard, eventually, we decided we'd have it delivered to some friends in Portsmouth tomorrow morning & DH would pick it up before getting on the ferry. All sorted. Just phoned this afternoon to check what time so I could give kind accommodating friends some idea and was told, "no, delivery is on Friday" wtf??
After an afternoon ranting and shouting they've admitted they were in the wrong but won't do anything to sort it out. They reckon DHL (or any other courrier) can't get it there in time now either.
So DS1 is on a z-bed for the foreseeable future as I've already trashed his old be.
Thanks. Rant over. Grrrrr

cbmum Tue 13-Sep-11 16:55:56

I know it won't help but I do sympathise having been subject to an Aspace experience last year. They seem to have a very lose correlation between what they think is going to be delivered and when. That said we are going to order bunk beds from them in the new year as they seem the best buy and once we finally got all the bits of our order are happy with the furniture. Can I suggest you ask them for compensation. I did and got £x credited back to our credit card. Can't remember the exact sum. A word of wisdom. Get the beds delivered to your friend. Get them to check all of the bits are there and none missing. Only when you are sure arrange to transport it to you in France. From experience I'd expect to be on first name terms with the staff at customer services by the time you are done! As I say. Good stuff just rubbish delivery

wigglybeezer Tue 13-Sep-11 17:03:27

Interestingly, we had problems with damaged bits of a cabin bed, they then delivered the wrong replacement bits. We didi get everything in the end and they were polite about it bit still!

jenpetronus Tue 13-Sep-11 17:21:28

That's interesting to hear. Thanks both of you for posting, it's obviously not an isolated case...still haven't decided what to do really. Problem is, I've searched for ages and it seems like the perfect bed. Really don't want to start looking all over again. (stamps foot, hopes for miracle)

cbmum Tue 13-Sep-11 21:52:32

The one extra comment I would add is that having been to the Aspace showroom in Chiswick a few weeks ago to see for myself what the bunk beds are like I personally don't think there is any comparison with others on the market. We're going to go for the New England bunks as can't quite stretch to the Porterhouse but I agree they look sturdy. We were put in touch with Aspace through the people who decorated DD1's bedroom last year when we were looking for some storage and shelves. They had not had problems with them and apparently we were the first they had known about. I don't suppose we are an isolated case but with lots of deliveries there are bound to be problems. Maybe we are the unlucky ones?

The positives are that the customer service people are generally trying to help but as the furniture is flat packed there is always the risk that parts will be damaged in transit (tick), bits missing (tick) and all of this takes a while to sort out (tick). What was most frustrating for me was that Aspace gave me a delivery window then when I spoke to the delivery company to ask why they weren't at my house by the specified time it turned out that Apsace can express a preference for delivery time but it's down to the couriers how they organise their deliveries for that particular day. So, whoever is waiting in make sure they have nowhere to be on that day that is urgent! At the time I was 8 months pregnant and particularly grumpy grin

WineOhWhy Tue 13-Sep-11 21:57:48

I have also had bad problems with delivery and issues with things the website says are in stock not in fact being in stock and therefore taking much longer to arrive (and in one case never turning up). As others have said, though, their stuff is really nice and excellent quality so I probably would order from them again as long as I was in no rush to get the item.

stealthsquiggle Tue 13-Sep-11 22:02:51

Oh dear. I was/am just about to order an Aspace bed for DD. DS's one is 5 years old now and looks like new - it has been fab - and I don't remember delivery being an issue back then.

Oh well, I think I do still want it and will just have to resign myself to rubbish delivery. Deep sympathy, OP.

SarkySpanner Tue 13-Sep-11 22:04:12

I would join you with a rant but tbh I don't want to relive the horror smile

The short version...

Nice bed but bit broken
Shit service
More shit service
Even more shot service
Full refund

Sallystevo Thu 22-Sep-11 15:14:45

Sadly I too can add to the stories of woe (REALLY wish I'd done some online research before investing in my DS's new bed). On top of the seemingly standard delivery experiences we all share, we found that the 'oak' bed that was finally delivered isn't actually oak at all. It's veneer...and badly veneered at that. Not what you would expect for the price you pay.

Wish I'd ordered the ranges you guys reckon are good quality, but mine wasn't :-( Returned it in the end under distance selling. Back on the search for furniture for DS as I type!

lmorgan123 Sun 04-Jan-15 21:12:36

We have just had a completely terrible experience with this company and I couldn't recommend strongly enough that you do not purchase anything from them. Their Customer Service is non-existent and they have no idea of communication between themselves and their delivery company XPD. We ended up cancelling the order after waiting in for 2 days (having been emailed and texted delivery confirmation). Their attitude is appalling!

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