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is memory foam safe for a toddler

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JillyArmeen Sat 10-Sep-11 21:02:12

ds is nearly 2im looking at single beds not toddler beds as he is quite tall for his age and im tight. found a lovely cheap bed on ebay with medium firm memory foam mattress but not sure if it would be safe. ive never seen 1 before got images of him sinking into it ??

HidingInTheBathroom Tue 04-Oct-11 18:03:58

Please please stay away from memory foam for children. They are made with all the fire retardants. They are not breathable.

You would be best to go for a fully spring or pocket sprung mattress

mish1801 Sun 16-Oct-11 20:15:33

Hi I recently bought a mattress for my daughters big girl bed (5 yrs old) and it was the first time I actually researched safety of mattress. It's pretty horrifying. Because of fire regulations most are treated with really heavy chemicals in order to make them fire retardent but some used in the Uk are banned in the states. It actually permeates sheets etc and is pretty harmful for children. I decided to go down the 'organic' route but didn't want to end up with some new wave thin mattress that was healthy but uncomfortable. A lot I looked at were horrendously expensive and were literally a couple of inches thick which I just couldn't bring myself to get. I finally found the perfect mattress - it comes with a 15 year guarantee and is natural latex covered in wool (naturally fire retardent) then covered in organic cotton - it looks to all intents and purposes like a normal mattress same thickness and is amazingly comfortable. It's not cheap at £499 but bearing in mind it lasts for so long and it's safe it felt worth it to me. Some of the thinner ones were much dearer. I got it from a place called Yanis mattresses and have just ordered a second one for my 4 year old son. It comes with a free pillow but that felt a bit odd to me so ended up with feather and down instead but you may like it. I would definitely recommend this as a safe and reasonably priced option for your child and for you if you need a new mattress. (by the way am nothing to do with this company I just was impressed with product)

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