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How often would you buy/replace a new cot bed mattress? And when to move out of a cot bed?!

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pipkin35 Tue 06-Sep-11 12:28:45

DS is 3.9 yrs and is in a cot bed. He has had the same matress since birth (which was about £90) which I reckon is a bit manky...and when I sit on it it doesn't feel to comfy to me! (I could probably replace DD's one too...)

I wondered if it was worth buying a new one? Do people buy new ones, how often?

If so, does anyone have good recomendations - I like the idea of a memory foam one? But all I know is that they say the firmer the better.

Also, he's fine in his cot bed I think - not hanging off it or anyhting but it does seem a bit narrow...when would I move him out of it - any particular age?

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