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Lack of space on bedroom, what is better moses or crib

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Ulises31 Fri 26-Aug-11 13:02:47


First baby due for October (we are running out of time) and we can´t decide what to buy for the baby to sleep in our bedroom. We don't have space for a cot, so we are trying to decide for between a Moses basket or a crib, or any other options available. The problem with the Moses basket is the baby will grow out of it in just a couple of months, and we want to keep him sleeping with us until he is 6 months old and then move him to his own room. The problem with the crib is that you can´t move it around, and some babies don't like to motion on it. All help is welcome.
Thanks you for your time.

Esian Fri 26-Aug-11 13:31:31

I used a crib. Like you say, a Moses basket seems a waste of money because they grow out of it so quickly. The only advantage with them is carrying it around.
I found it most convenient to use a bouncy chair from John Lewis that can also lie flat for lo to sleep in during the day, then up to the crib at night. Mine could be fixed or rocking and was from toys r us I think.

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