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Anyone know of a Teether rail to fit a Boori cot? (yes boring I know)

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Paschaelina Wed 03-Aug-11 12:36:26

Help! My son has just started making lovely patterns with his teeth grazing on the cot top. Sooo I did a quick google/ebay/amazon search for some and only one make comes up, Prince Lionheart, whose product is universally slated as too easy to pull off/untie.

I checked out the Ikea NOGA rail after someone mentioned it on here. Brilliant. £3.49. Not available online. angry Nearest store is a 2 hour drive away. Not practical and completely negates the cheapness of the product itself. I'm not even sure if it will fit my cot (wide rail).

So rambling aside, any bright ideas?

littlepiglet Thu 18-Aug-11 11:37:22

There are two Prince Lionheart ones - one of them just clips on - which is what I've got.

I too read the reviews, but bought them anyway... and found them to be great. DD was 'grazing' on her cot (Mama & Papa's Bibi cot), and quite often had white paint flecks in her mouth.

She's had them for about 7 months, and has now learnt to pull them off, but also doesn't chew now.

The only thing is they come in a pack of 4, which only covers one cot side. But I just hung a buggy book, and a couple of hanging toys on the other side (which is next to the wall anyway).

I don't know about the ones that have straps underneath, but I do like the clip-on ones.

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