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Mid Sleeper Bed for 4 year old

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biggernow Mon 01-Aug-11 18:02:42

Hello there. I would love some advice, based on experience, on whether or not to get a mid sleeper for my 4 year old (nearly 4, for his birthday) We could do with the storage space underneath and also he has seen one and loves the steps. I am a bit nervous. Some places say 4+ for their beds, some say 5 so I don't know. He is quite sensible, but he does wander at night so I worry about him falling (even though it would have side rails). Perhaps I should just get a normal bed and then he won't fall/i won't worry/forget about storage/ ignore his desire for steps. Or have people out there had same worries and it was ok..? Obviously it would be a very practical bed to get given all that storage and it would also be fun for him. I am going cross eyed with bed searches!
Thanks for any help!

Oakmaiden Mon 01-Aug-11 18:06:04

My personal feeling is that 4 is a bit little for a bed which is a long way up. It is not so much falling out whilst asleep (as they have rails, as you say) as not being able to get down quickly if they need the toilet, and not being quite so competent on ladders/climbing up.

MrsKitty Mon 01-Aug-11 18:15:01

We got a midsleeper for DS a few months ago when DS was a couple of months past his 4th birthday. Had no issues with it (made him practice getting down alot!) Depends on how confident he is with steps, I suppose. A lot of them have more of a staircase rather than a ladder which I think helps. Stompa & Scallywags both have staircases and I think Thuka has a ladder, although I think you can get a ladder that can be slanted rather than straight up and down. Of course you could go mad and get the Thuka with the slide - stop any step stumbling worries grin...

We also put a little moon light underneath the bed (in his 'den') which turns it into a lovely cosy play space.

KoolAidKid Mon 01-Aug-11 18:52:35

My DD has been in a mid sleeper since was was 2.5. She has never fallen out, it has sides to prevent that happening. It's never been a problem, and DD loves it and loves her "den" underneath. The only problem is changing the sheets is a bit of a bugger.

KoolAidKid Mon 01-Aug-11 18:55:02

Ps. there are only 2 rungs on DDs ladder, it's really not difficult for a 4 yo to manage even at night (we leave a night light on).

biggernow Tue 02-Aug-11 08:06:57

Thanks all for replies. I appreciate your input. As for slide MrsKitty....those beds amuse me- DS would never go to sleep with that coming off his bed!!!!!

The bed I am looking at is only a meter up and has 3 rungs on ladder (and says from 4) and we do have night lights etc. It has quite a high side, but as you say Oakmaiden- the night wandering could be a worry- but i can make him practice!

He said he would also like a car bed...and I am pretending not to hear.....NO storage in them!

I will make my mind up by end of this week. Can see sheet changing would be annoying KoolAidKid. It's annoying enough anyway.

Lots more to add to my thinking pot!


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