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travelcot or cot?

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majorca77 Wed 13-Jul-11 09:56:36

Hi there!,

I need to get some kind of sleeping cot for my ds. She's outgrown the moses basket and we are shortly going to my parents for 2 weeks. I would take the cot we have but its to bulky to keep transporting there and back.

I've researched travelcots and i like/d the look of the Graco bassinet version, because of the bassinet. The only thing with that is, my ds is approx 5.5kgs and the bassinet is for up to 6.5kgs. Which is fine, but that would mean once she has outgrown the bassinet she would have to sleep on the lower part of the cot? I know this might sound daft, and please correct me if i'm wrong, and need to not be too concerned but that would be much lower than my bed hmm. Has that been an issue for any of you? Just concerned about the dust and coldness of the floor .

There's also the option of getting a cot, but not sure if there are any available that are easy to put up and easy to dismantle (thats why i've been searching for a travelcot). So thats my dilemma hmm.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated. I just don't want to buy something and then realise there was a better option afterwards.


Nicplus1and1baking Wed 13-Jul-11 13:11:14

As far as i know there is no other real option, than a travel cot you can buy the pop up ones that are bigger than a moses basket i think samsonite do one and vertbeaudet but you would then need something to stand it on.

Im not a fan of travel cots really, but the closeness isnt an issue unles its a particularly draughty room i suppose.

Only onther option i could suggest would be a carrycot like from a pram thats suitable for overnight sleeping but again not that much bigger thn moses.

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