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Amby Mattress help needed please!

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laurieleigh Tue 10-May-11 08:11:53

We've got a second hand Amby for new arrival but I'm having a nightmare tracking down a new mattress for it.
The proper Amby ones seem to be out of stock everywhere and although my local baby store does made to measure mattresses they said they can't make one to the depth of the Amby as it wouldn't comply with regulations - the Amby hammock is 3.5cm deep but they say it has to be a miniumum of 5cm.
Does anyone know if a 5cm mattress would work in the Amby? I'm quite sure it wouldn't fit in the protector we've got anyway.
I've seen replacement mattresses on Ebay but they're 4cm deep so if these 'regulations' do exist - they don't comply either!
Anyone have any experience of this or advice?

janey223 Wed 29-Jun-11 11:29:16

They do them on their own site, have you tried there? If not maybe call them and ask if they know where they might have one in stock.

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