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Does anyone have an M&P drop-side cot?

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djjmdjjm Sun 05-Jan-14 01:03:25

Hey Melly... any chance you could locate the email and send us a copy please? i have just been given the Alana by my sister, some 10 years after she started her family... its like the Krypton factor figuring it out...

androbbob Wed 06-Apr-11 23:15:13

Fab - and good luck with the baby!

Melly19MummyToBe Tue 05-Apr-11 13:10:58

I emailed Mamas and Papas, and they said that because of the age of the Alana cot they don't make the spare bits anymore and none of the drop-side cots have similar parts. They did however, send an instruction manual with the reply email. So at least we'll be able to build it!

DP reckons he should be able to make 2 drop-side catches out of wood so hopefully it will all be sorted!

androbbob Mon 04-Apr-11 22:26:59

Go onto the Mamas and Papas website and at the bottom there is a product manual section - I am guessing yours wont be there but trial and error should give you an idea - basically there are four sides to the cot - two ends and two sides and a base. The four sides fit together and then pu the base on. My drop side one had thin metal bars to go on the drop side and a top and bottom brown plug for them.

I guess if you look at the cots they sell that are drop sided and look at those instructions, they will all be pretty similar. We had a second hand one with the same problem and it was easy enough to make the side stay up with a part from a DIY store. When the baby gets older though the drop side is useful if you are short.

Failing that - ask your sister!

Melly19MummyToBe Mon 04-Apr-11 12:04:38

Just got my sisters old one, it's an Alana, and she reckons it's about 10 years old, but it's still in good condition, apart from the drop-side latches are broken so the side doesn't stay up. Also, have no instructions. Me and DP are first timers at cot building so haven't a clue what we're doing! Any advice on what we can do?

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