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need advice on choosing a cotbed mattress

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fallingandlaughing Fri 18-Mar-11 16:42:18

Have chosen a cotbed.. now the mattress.

Are they all much of a muchness, or should I be looking for anything (eg sprung or foam)?


PrincessScrumpy Fri 18-Mar-11 17:25:04

We went for £80 sprung one with dd1 but plan to buy a new one for next baby due to link with cot death and using old mattresses. We only chose it because it fitted our extra large cot (not standard so just the only one we found). I don't think it matters too much as we also got a mattress protector which added softness. Wouldn't buy cheapest one though - but that's just me, I'm the same in the supermarket with value stuff.

fallingandlaughing Sat 19-Mar-11 12:00:53


Will definitely be buying a new one - just not sure what to spend. You see, I do buy supermarket value stuff! So I want something good for my baby but not to waste money.

TotorosOcarina Sun 27-Mar-11 11:54:37

falling, I'm the same.

Have been looking for a few days!

The thing is, the £30 ones one ebay (new) look the same as the £60 tesco ones.

I don't know if it needs to be 'sprung' of just foam either!

fallingandlaughing Tue 29-Mar-11 19:41:33

there are some coconut fibre ones on ebay which look good. I am going to ask someone "in real life" and will post if I get any useful answers!

ningthemerciless Sun 15-May-11 16:47:59

Just came across your thread - I'm in that boat now. Wondering if anyone came to any conclusions about it?

Thompson76 Sun 24-Jul-11 18:39:23

Has anyone looked or tried the Babysafe mattress? Expensive but like the 'rinsing in the shower' ability! Haven't bought one yet - looking for reviews.


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