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Mamas and Papas Cotbed Mattress Sizes

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Meadowsmommy Thu 12-Sep-13 22:07:37

We're on our third mamas and papas mattress as they keep sending them too small,only 135 in length and not safe. M&P claim to have measured the last one in their office but is still too small!! We're using same cotbed we did with our first son and had no problem them.
We have photos which we have send showing the tape measure and our hand in the gap, but are not admitting any fault.
Really annoyed as m & p claim it is a one off, yet the two replacements supplied in the past two weeks are exactly the same, so please check your mattresses from them are safe!!

haloflo Mon 07-Mar-11 17:38:45

Hi, I just ended up getting a M&P mattress as I was wary of buying something & then having to arrange to send it back (i'm not near a store). Looks like I could have gone elsewhere though.

I thought kiddicare looked pretty good price wise and I like that you can read their reviews.

I just got sheets from normal (cheaper!) places but haven't taken them out of the packets yet <puts that on list of things to do tomorrow>

chellebee Mon 07-Feb-11 04:42:32

thanks! Let me know what you end up doing haloflo? I think ill buy 140 x 70 and take the risk... Just cant decide which one as too much choice! :-)

Milkybrew Fri 04-Feb-11 17:12:23

My friend has just bought a 140x70 mattress for her M+P cotbed and is very pleased with the fit. It fits snuggly as a mattress should and she actually said it is a better fit than M+P mattress she used with last DC was. HTH

chellebee Fri 04-Feb-11 17:06:51

ive just bought a second hand m&p cot bed which recommends their 400 mattress. Im also not sure and reluctant to buy m&p due to cost and also will i then have to buy their fitted sheets?! Any recommendations for mattress would be very appreciated! :-)

haloflo Sun 16-Jan-11 15:30:43


I wondered if anyone knew if the mamas and papas cotbeds fit normal 140 x 70 mattresses.

The "size 400" they sell with the cot is 69 x 139. Only 1 cm out I know but is that delibrate so you have to buy from them?

I only ask because i've seen a mattress on the kiddicare website with good reviews for less money. However before I take the plunge and potentially end up with a mattress that is too large I thought I would see if anyone knew more.

Thank you.

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