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Izziwotnot nursery furniture

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peonypink Thu 21-Oct-10 14:05:03

Has anyone had any luck ordering furniture from this supplier? The stuff I want seems to be out of stock everywhere and they all say it might not be back in stock until Jan earliest which is too late for me.

lillibet1 Thu 21-Oct-10 20:53:04

not furniture but sheets and blankets no problem. sorry that might not help.

peonypink Fri 22-Oct-10 21:49:02

Have found out that they are changing manufacturers and thay most furniture will be unavailable until next year. Thought I would share in case anyone is trying to buy nursery gear in time for Dec babies.

Sammy100 Thu 04-Nov-10 17:57:47

I am rubbish with computers so hope this works....but I bought a sleigh bed from Issiwotnot through these people if its any use - otnot.html

Mummy78910 Wed 17-May-17 10:41:29

I know this is a late reply.
But anyone reading this should know there are safety issues with izziwotnot furniture.
Be careful. I would not buy cots from them.
When this random breakage of our cot occurred, izziwotnot aren't interested. It's a safety hazard and if my baby were in there it would have caused serious injury or worse.

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