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Babybay mattress cover

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sugarhappy Mon 06-Sep-10 07:09:24

Hi there

I've just bought the Babybay bedside cot and mattress. It's great, except that it's oddly shaped and sized and not sure where to get a mattress cover for it from! Have checked the Babybay website but it's not clear where to get covers and there are no contact details.

Does anyone have one and if so what did they do?


pregninja Wed 13-Oct-10 13:55:41

Hi sugarhappy,

Not sure if this reply is too late and you're sorted, but I'm having the same issue (bought the Babybay Maxi which is even harder to find something that vaguely lines up!).

I'm thinking of having some DK Glove sheets made as a custom order on - it appears you can choose your colour and give the size and shape of your mattress. Hope this helps.

Asturimama Thu 14-Jul-11 12:25:38


Wanted to revive this thread as I have the same problem (Babybay Maxi) and was wondering what solutions sugarhappy and pregninja went with in the end.


Asturimama Thu 18-Aug-11 12:09:13

Just in case someone else returns to this thread, I did order the fitted sheets from and they have arrived, they look nice and soft and fit very well around the edges.

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