Long Covid in 16 yr old d’s - what can I do to help him?

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Twoweekcruise Mon 06-Dec-21 09:17:11

Ds is 16 and caught Covid end of October.
He actually wasn’t that unwell with it. Shivers the first day and a raspy throat but fine within a day or two.
However, he just has not been right in himself since.
He is very low and lethargic (teachers have said he is very tired in class), I often find him fast asleep on his bed early evening and he’ll sleep for hours.
He seems to have picked up a cold almost every week since. He feels nauseous and has regular stomach aches and often doesn’t want to eat which is so very unusual as he normally eats me out of house and home.
He has also had an almost constant cough since which eases off then comes back again.
He has been in all weekend which is so unlike him as he’s usually always out with his mates, says he just can not be bothered as he feels so tired and nauseous.
I have booked in in with the GP next week.
Does anyone else have any experience of long Covid? Is there anything he can take/do to help?
I am so worried about him.

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SparklingLime Mon 06-Dec-21 10:20:23

Poor lad. These people may be able to help: www.longcovidkids.org/long-covid-kids-support-group

SparklingLime Mon 06-Dec-21 10:34:21

Also there are a couple of other parents posting about similar situations:



inferiorCatSlave Mon 06-Dec-21 14:12:57


This article seems to have every idea I've seen mentioned on here.

I would suggest D3 anyway - I spent over a decade feeling awful every winter thinking I had SAD and getting every cold going - and when I started taking D3 it went. K2 helps absorb it - and magnesium is very important raising magnesium levels can improve vitamin D levels by themselves.

Could also try Sambucol Natural Black Elderberry there evidence it may help ward of some viruses.

Probiotics - might help with stomach aches nauseous and obvious things like resting and eating healthy as possible but GP is obviously best to advise and to rule out anything else.

JanglyBeads Mon 06-Dec-21 14:29:40

Sorry to hear that. My DS14 still has minor symptoms about 10 weeks post infection, and ended up taking about a month off school when he had the worse symptoms.

Do you know that it’s not diagnosable as Long Covid until 12 weeks of symptoms? We saw a great GP who checked to see if anything else might be wrong, reassured and said to come back in a few weeks if he was still unwell. By that point I felt like I needed to get evidence for school anyway!

Hope he turns the corner soon.

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