Insurance for quarantine if travelling

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indigobag Mon 06-Dec-21 08:47:55

Does anyone know any insurance companies that cover the quarantine costs if you return and a country has been put in the U.K. red list whilst you're away? I'm due to go away for a month coming back in January so need to get it asap.

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Mindymomo Mon 06-Dec-21 10:43:53

I don’t think there are any that pay for quarantine on arrival from red list countries in hotels. One of the big travel insurance companies is Staysure who have covid cover, but I don’t think they cover this in their policies. I suggest giving them a call.

indigobag Mon 06-Dec-21 13:21:00

Thanks for the reply, I called them and they don't cover it

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CorrBlimeyGG Mon 06-Dec-21 13:26:20

If you go to a traditional insurance broker, they'll be able to find you an insurer, but it will cost as much as the quarantine itself. You can insure against anything for a price.

Where are you going, is it a high risk country?

LJL1 Mon 06-Dec-21 15:11:23

Aviva cover you if the country you are in is unexpectedly put on the
red list OP. I paid about £80 to cover me for a week-long single trip.

Itchylegs Mon 06-Dec-21 15:19:16

Thanks all. I cancelled the trip. It was Italy. It was doing my head in and I was only going for 3 days.

LJL1 Mon 06-Dec-21 15:24:51

Ah glad you are sorted. Don't blame you for cancelling!


indigobag Tue 07-Dec-21 07:34:23

@LJL1 thanks I will look into this, shame you had to cancel your trip @Itchylegs

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