What does everyone think about the banning of the unvaxxed in Germany?

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Katieandthekids Thu 02-Dec-21 21:33:25

I'm just interested in opinions. I personally believe that no one should ever force anyone to put something in their body.

Just as a side: I had both vaccines during my pregnancy and still not 100% sure I've done the right thing but in balance and after lots of my research believe 99% that it is fine. Totally respect the reasons people are nervous about it though.

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Mistyplanet Thu 02-Dec-21 21:34:26

I find it horrifying and unbelievable any country is doing this.

Sassenach85 Thu 02-Dec-21 21:36:26

Like we are living in a dystopian nightmare and most people don’t care …. Frightening.

Katieandthekids Thu 02-Dec-21 21:38:15

Ok phew that's a relief to know. Yes it is really scary isn't it

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EngTech Thu 02-Dec-21 21:39:56

Time will tell how the unvaccinated react to this edict 😳

Wankerchief Thu 02-Dec-21 21:41:24

But they are not forced. No one is being frog marched to a centre and tied down, It’s still a choice to get vaccinated or not but if YOU choose not to then you can’t go to certain shops. Online and essential shops are still an option.
Suck it up

userperuser Thu 02-Dec-21 21:41:31

I can’t believe this happening, never thought I’d ever see anything like this, even more shocked at some of the comments on these threads.


Pascal80 Thu 02-Dec-21 21:43:01

Absolutely terrible.

KeyErro Thu 02-Dec-21 21:45:26

What are they banned from?

Lostinacloud Thu 02-Dec-21 21:47:25

The profile of serious illness and death does not apply to all age groups so why this horrific pressure and segregation to make people all but forced to have vaccine after vaccine? Surely only the vulnerable need protecting at this stage, not your average 7 year old. This kind of news is worrying and dystopian. I also can’t quite believe anyone can be in support of it, vaxxed or not.

Postdatedpandemic Thu 02-Dec-21 21:49:19

Germany has run out of ICU beds.
Should they do a total lockdown?
Just a slight impediment of the unvaccinated?

DismantledKing Thu 02-Dec-21 21:50:01

Hooray! Yet another thread on this.

Lostinacloud Thu 02-Dec-21 21:50:10

In addition, the vaccinated don’t need protecting from the unvaccinated, yet another reason this sort of thing is ludicrous and wholly wrong.

RiskyReels Thu 02-Dec-21 21:52:44

They're not being forced to put anything in their body. They can choose not to get vaccinated and consequently not attend certain venues, which is what people vulnerable to covid have had to do for many months.

We're not allowed to smoke in public places, which has a relatively small longer term risk for other people who breathe in that smoke. Why should we be allowed to exhale potentially lethal viral particles around other people in the middle of a pandemic? Vaccination and masks reduce the risk for other people around us. Anyone not willing to do their bit to reduce transmission shouldn't be allowed to go out partying IMO

OverTheRubicon Thu 02-Dec-21 21:52:51

I think it's far more shocking that so many people throughout have been fine to condemn the vulnerable (and their families) to an incredibly limited life, because they don't want to get a vaccination or take basic precautions.

Lostinacloud Thu 02-Dec-21 21:53:28

@Postdatedpandemic well it will be interesting to see if this makes any difference in Germany. Austria only banned the unvaccinated for about 3 days before locking down everybody so we didn’t get to see if it really is the unvaccinated filling up all the beds and driving this pandemic. I severely doubt it but maybe Germany will prove it one way or the other. In the meantime, poor German people having to live under such conditions.

October2020 Thu 02-Dec-21 21:54:57

Oh for goodness sake. They're not being forced. If you don't want a vaccine, fine. But there are societal consequences for making choices about what you want/don't want to do and people have to accept that!

We don't go around saying 'I can't believe I'm being forced not to murder people or otherwise they'll put me in prison', do we?

PicsInRed Thu 02-Dec-21 21:55:21

It's chilling.

AnyFucker Thu 02-Dec-21 21:55:27

If being vaccinated prevented you from catching or transmitting Covid then maybe…


SickAndTiredAgain Thu 02-Dec-21 21:55:50

People saying no one in Germany is being forced, that’s true currently however making them mandatory in February is being discussed.

ollyollyoxenfree Thu 02-Dec-21 21:56:39

I don't know what the solution is but if nothing is done to slow the current wave in Germany then there is going to be huge amount of preventable death (and not just from COVID - from anyone who has a non-COVID health emergency but cannot get treatment)

I guess their logic is it's overall less harmful than a full on lockdown, which as we know, has huge repercussions for everyone.

And to add - it isn't just vaccinated - it is vaccinated and anyone who has had COVID in the last 6 months. Infection induced immunity is being included in this.

ollyollyoxenfree Thu 02-Dec-21 21:59:15


In addition, the vaccinated don’t need protecting from the unvaccinated, yet another reason this sort of thing is ludicrous and wholly wrong.


It's isn't about protecting anyone specifically, it's about reducing transmission when levels are getting dangerously high.

As I said on the last thread I don't think lockdowns for a certain part of the population make any sense, but it doesn't need to be framed in that way.

Aposterhasnoname Thu 02-Dec-21 22:00:57

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WhatMattersMost Thu 02-Dec-21 22:02:49

It's bloody disgusting. And I am someone who is generally pro-guidelines, and who has distanced herself from a family conspiracy theorist.

Postdatedpandemic Thu 02-Dec-21 22:03:39

Thank you @Aposterhasnoname you phrased that beautifully

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