Can I get a booster at 5 months at a walk in site?

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Grimbelina Tue 30-Nov-21 08:56:49

I'm group 6, over 55, just over 5 months and read today that the government are shortening the gap between the 3nd dose and booster to 3 months.

I am very keen to have it as the person I am caring for is going downhill and I really don't want to bring it into the house.

If anyone knows, I would be so grateful (and before I travel 10 miles!).

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Grimbelina Tue 30-Nov-21 08:57:19

I meant 2nd dose, not third!

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ouchmyfeet Tue 30-Nov-21 08:58:36

Yes I think anyone who hasn't had a second dose is eligible, you can have it after 2 months, no need to wait for 6

AlexandraEiffel Tue 30-Nov-21 09:02:00

Gap between 1 and 2 was 12 weeks at the most, it was never 6 months so yes you can.

Booster is 6 months, will be going to 3 but hasn't yet.

AlexandraEiffel Tue 30-Nov-21 09:04:37

Just re read what you mean...

Anything I've seen says they're not accepting reduced gap from 6 to 3 yet even if people turn up. Just what I've been reading online though. It will be rolled out by priority but I've not seen timescales. Hope it's soon for you though

MinesaBottle Tue 30-Nov-21 09:09:22

I was wondering the same thing - I checked walk-ins in my area and all said they wouldn’t accept you if it’s been less than 6 months. I think the sites still need updating though! Might be a good idea to phone them first and ask? DH has just had his and it’s been 5 months (he’s 57).

Lesserspottedmama Tue 30-Nov-21 09:10:53

Why would you bother, it’s kind of obvious now that they don’t really work do they?


MaggieFS Tue 30-Nov-21 09:13:13

NHS website says they are still working out the roll out plan for the new guidelines. They've done well so far, so hopefully we don't have long to wait before we can book. Whether or not you can then walk in might depend on each site? Where I am they could not accept walk ins initially because they were at capacity with booked appointments, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the same again at first as there will now be a much bigger bunch of people to give boosters to.

alborana Tue 30-Nov-21 09:14:46

They can do your age group at 5+ months. I had mine at 5 1/2 months. I would do it sooner rather than later before the new guidelines are introduced and it gets busier.

Cookerhood Tue 30-Nov-21 09:18:46

We would jab you at the walk in I work at.

TheNarwhalBalloon Tue 30-Nov-21 09:50:00

I tried to get mine done yesterday at 5.5 months and was turned away sad

Imfedupwithallofthis Tue 30-Nov-21 10:00:17

Looking at current figures from UK Covid dashboard

People vaccinated (over 18s in the main)

Second dose total - 46,341,057
Booster or third dose total - 17,896,864

That means approx 28 million people are still eligible for booster over the next three months, the majority of them eligible now.

The Guardian this morning reports that the target is 500,000 a day, 3.5 million a week. If that target could be achieved, it would take about 8 weeks to give everyone who wants one a booster.

Where you were in the original pecking order will determine when you are likely to be offered a booster under the new guidelines of 3, rather than 6, months

DownWhichOfLate Tue 30-Nov-21 10:02:34

Oh look. @Lesserspottedmama doesn’t understand how vaccines work. There’s always one…

Grimbelina Tue 30-Nov-21 10:54:32

OK, am in the queue, maybe a two hour wait. I spoke to the person at the door and they think I will be turned away (at 5 months, 1 week post 2nd jab) but I am here now so will see how I get on and post later....

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Schulte Tue 30-Nov-21 11:10:08


OK, am in the queue, maybe a two hour wait. I spoke to the person at the door and they think I will be turned away (at 5 months, 1 week post 2nd jab) but I am here now so will see how I get on and post later....

Please do. I’m also 5 months post jab and was thinking about going to a walk in centre this week

Cookerhood Tue 30-Nov-21 11:24:25

Someone else's experience won't help you. It's up to the clinical lead at each site to interpret the rules. We would do you at 5 months, but our (site) official guidance is that it must be almost 6 months, or someone attending for their flu jab & can be boosted at the same time if it's over 5 months, plus a catch all of anyone we think might not come back. However I have been vaccinating people at 5 months quite routinely.

Mindymomo Tue 30-Nov-21 12:31:55

I had mine last week, it was 3 days earlier than the 6 months, they did give it, but they made me read a disclaimer. They said they would only give it to people up to one week before the 6 months are up.

Schulte Tue 30-Nov-21 12:33:53

@Cookerhood actually it will help me.

TooManyPlatesInMotion Tue 30-Nov-21 13:31:54

I just got turned away from my walk in centre. I had my second dose 5 months and 3 days ago.

Jabbinell Tue 30-Nov-21 13:34:28

Tried today one week shy of 6 months got turned away by jobs worth at the car park

Cookerhood Tue 30-Nov-21 13:45:30

That's the point I was making. At our walk in they would have vaccinated you, but there's no way of knowing what each site will do & it could be different on different days.

Jabbinell Tue 30-Nov-21 16:08:15

Exactly Cookerhood. Thanks for your hard work btw.

Grimbelina Tue 30-Nov-21 16:14:17

Just to say they did give it to me. They didn't initially want to and I had to speak to a GP but they agreed in the end.

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PromisesMeanNothingSue Tue 30-Nov-21 16:17:32

You can get the booster done from 5 months after your second jab if you’re over 40, CV or a frontline HSC worker.

Yesterday my local Procare centre would only book me in for mid Dec., on the date I hit the 6 month mark. I phoned back today and they’d had the JCVI guidance change, and changed my appt to today for me.

TedGlenn Tue 30-Nov-21 18:12:52


Could I cheekily hijack and ask you whether the delay of 12 weeks following a covid infection for teens is a recommendation, or a rule? i.e. would my teen be able to have their first vaccination at 10 weeks post-infection? (I'm keen to have him vaccinated before seeing my parents at Christmas, to further reduce his risk to them). Thanks!

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