What does cancelling Christmas actually mean?

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User135644 Sat 27-Nov-21 09:15:14

A lot of talk and fear now that Christmas is going to be screwed again with this new variant causing a lot of fear and panic.

What does that actually mean though in practice? Christmas to me is spending time with family and i'll be doing that regardless. They aren't going to stop people visiting relatives this year (at least not locally).

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Dozer Sat 27-Nov-21 09:16:53

last year there were restrictions on that, as you know.

Yutes Sat 27-Nov-21 09:17:16

Well, I’ve always followed all the rules. I worked throughout lockdown and was allowed to see multiple clients but not visit family even though everyone was completely symptom free.
I’ll be doing regular lateral flows but I won’t be staying away from anyone. We’ve lost so much time already.

ArseInTheCoOpWindow Sat 27-Nov-21 09:17:59

I haven’t heard any talk or fear about it. In fact boosters were brought forward to facilitate it

Immaculatemisconception Sat 27-Nov-21 09:18:03

Christmas will not be cancelled.

User135644 Sat 27-Nov-21 09:18:10

last year there were restrictions on that

Don't leave your house notices are a very last resort though surely.

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Yutes Sat 27-Nov-21 09:18:23

I’m not sure how they will police a cancelled locked down Christmas. Especially if workplaces are to remain open.


Aroundtheworldin80moves Sat 27-Nov-21 09:19:29

Santa having to isolate before being allowed to deliver presents?

Honestly, I think its more likely to be foreign travel that will go first.

BlowBadness Sat 27-Nov-21 09:23:26

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middleager Sat 27-Nov-21 09:23:46

Good question.
Christmas is used as a carrot and stick. Behave and we might get it, misbehave and we go on the naughty list.

It's overplayed in the headlines and both Christmas and package holidays seem to be all the msm can focus on!

Last year, we didn't spend Christmas with my mother. We stood in her garden with her for 20 minutes exchanging gifts.

This year, me and teens have had Covid. My mother (mid 70s) is fully jabbed, as will we be by then. One teen has had jab, the other not yet eligible as he and I had Covid in Sept.
This year we have LFTs on hand.
As such, we'll act with caution, but carry on as usual. We live close to my mother so travel restrictions would not hamper that either.

middleager Sat 27-Nov-21 09:25:39

haven't checked yet whether the phone line to report people breaking that rule is still up


Dozer Sat 27-Nov-21 09:26:00

Last xmas wasn’t ‘stay indoors’, restrictions on households meeting indoors.

Madmog Sat 27-Nov-21 09:26:56

Well at this point, I'm assuming DD won't be home for Xmas. She's at uni in Europe and won't want the risk of quarantining on return as she can't afford it/not being able to complete her year abroad (otherwise it has to be repeated). It's fine, it'll be just the two of us and we can still enjoy.

JumperandJacket Sat 27-Nov-21 09:28:44

I don’t think there is any chance of Christmas being cancelled, not least because many people would simply ignore it and therefore become more likely to ignore rules generally.

Oncebittentwice Sat 27-Nov-21 09:29:13

I didn’t see my DF for two years. I’ll never ever do that again. He had deteriorated health wise to a shocking extent. I’ll be seeing him this Xmas come what may. Lord knows how many we have left.

BlowBadness Sat 27-Nov-21 09:29:24

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk guidelines.

Ducksareruiningmypatio Sat 27-Nov-21 09:33:42

I'm spending it alone with my partner anyway (bliss!)
If I wasn't I'd not be paying any attention to a Christmas lockdown, as of Monday all of my nearest and dearest are triple jabbed, some of us have had covid already too.
I won't be staying away from them.
Especially if certain things haven't locked down/had restrictions first.

eltsihT Sat 27-Nov-21 09:33:49

We live in Scotland, my parents live in England.

We have always had a back up plan for just in case.

We are planning on travelling to my parents for Christmas, they have ordered all the food, but are prepared to freeze it and we will have it at when we can next get together. won’t be cancelled, just different again. I have 4 duck breasts in the freezer and we are planning on enjoying them if we can’t travel.

If you plan ahead it will all be fine.

Heyvedge Sat 27-Nov-21 09:34:12

DS will come and stay with us same as last year and if by very slim chance we get fined we will just pay it.

PersephoneJames Sat 27-Nov-21 09:35:15

When your family are coming from europe to get to you, it’s pretty worrying. sad

BiscuitLover3679 Sat 27-Nov-21 09:35:38

People work from home and isolate as much as possible. That alone will be useful and hopefully enough people use their brains and don't go crazy, but just celebrate with close loved ones and distance from those they know are vulnerable. If only everybody had common sense!

MrsTophamHat Sat 27-Nov-21 09:37:00

Sorry @BlowBadness but that is sinister.

I get that covid isn't going away but that doesn't mean we have to abandon what makes us human. It's about finding realistic, measured solutions.

ThePlantsitter Sat 27-Nov-21 09:38:24

If people would wear masks because they give a shit about others rather than dependent on the law it might help. This government is incapable of legislating anything but reactive blunt instrument measures or things that line their own pockets.

99victoria Sat 27-Nov-21 09:39:08

My son and daughter in law managed to get back from Europe this year after 3 years away. Nothing will stop us all getting together this Christmas- they'll be 8 adults and 2 children. I couldn't give a toss if it's 'not allowed' - how the fuck can they 'enforce' a limit on household numbers across the whole country? 🤣

PhilCornwall1 Sat 27-Nov-21 09:41:27

* There'll be a limit on how many people you can have in your home, and that will be enforced,*

Guess you are going to be busy then.

Don't think many are going to pay attention this year, if it happens.

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