Are we locking down again?

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Dancerinthedark01 Tue 19-Oct-21 21:37:52

And if so will they do more of the furlough and shutting things down?


Please No!

I’m reading that this might be happening.

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Luckytattie Tue 19-Oct-21 21:38:24


End of thread

makelovenotpetrol Tue 19-Oct-21 21:38:31


GCAcademic Tue 19-Oct-21 21:38:34


DrWankincense Tue 19-Oct-21 21:38:59

Where are you reading this?

Backofbeyond50 Tue 19-Oct-21 21:39:43

No can't see it.

wolfstarling Tue 19-Oct-21 21:39:59



rrhuth Tue 19-Oct-21 21:40:44


Where exactly are you reading it? Because if it is Facebook then that is just Facebook nonsense.

They have just renewed the Coronavirus Act - is that what has sparked it off?

PurpleDaisies Tue 19-Oct-21 21:40:56


There might be masks and an encouragement to work from home if you can but there won’t be another mass shut down like before.

WormYourHonour Tue 19-Oct-21 21:42:16

No one has mentioned anything official and any thing other than official is speculation..

PinkSparklyPussyCat Tue 19-Oct-21 21:43:00

Nope and if they try it again who is going to go along with it again?

MyOtherProfile Tue 19-Oct-21 21:43:07

Nope. Quite the opposite. We are flinging the doors right open. Hence our terrible stats.

Iggly Tue 19-Oct-21 21:43:26

I suspect it’ll be wfh, masks and maybe they recommend we minimise socialising but won’t enforce

I heard that SAGE barely meet now so fuck knows where the government are getting advice

cantkeepawayforever Tue 19-Oct-21 21:44:34

Some schools will close / have remote learning on a rolling basis if they run out of adults.

Many children will have some time at home due to being infected, or will not have their normal teachers etc.

Quite a lot of schools will move to some level of restriction e.g. no assemblies, no mixing of year groups etc to try to reduce the likelihood of the above disruptions.

Many school staff will choose to restrict contacts with vulnerable others.

With luck, we won't get a 'lockdown', or national restrictions - more like the ongoing disruption of last Autumn term than the January / February part - some children and schools dramatically affected, others not touched at all.

Adirondack Tue 19-Oct-21 21:44:49

Yes we will if the nhs gets overwhelmed with cases

gardeninggirl68 Tue 19-Oct-21 21:46:13

I can see it happening

Restrictions over Christmas .... travel etc

gardeninggirl68 Tue 19-Oct-21 21:46:56

We will easily slip back into 'stay at home'

Dancerinthedark01 Tue 19-Oct-21 21:47:58

OK - why has this been extended without a vote then?

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Coriandersucks Tue 19-Oct-21 21:49:11

Ahh, it’s one of these…

BrainBleachNeeded Tue 19-Oct-21 21:49:39

Not full lockdown. Why vaccinate if you’re going to close everything again?

It’ll probably be more like wearing masks and social distancing.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Tue 19-Oct-21 21:49:46


We will easily slip back into 'stay at home'

Only if people comply and I can’t see the majority not seeing family and friends again. There are some things we obviously have to comply with, shops shut etc, but not who we see in our own homes.

I think the government has used up most of the goodwill and compliance from previous lockdowns

Howshouldibehave Tue 19-Oct-21 21:49:56

Plenty of people piled into threads like this last March and last winter saying lockdowns would ‘absolutely never’ happen, yet they still did. I will never say never!

It’s causing havoc in our local schools at the moment and heads are saying their supply budgets for the year are gone already-not that there is any supply to be found, to be honest.

If staff are ill and there is no cover, or money to pay for cover, yes there will be implications for schools.

Boosters for school staff now would be a really sensible idea.

SaveWaterDrinkGin Tue 19-Oct-21 21:51:09

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: some people really, really don’t want this to end…

rrhuth Tue 19-Oct-21 21:51:23


OK - why has this been extended without a vote then?

Because the vote would have been purely symbolic - the government and the opposition know who will vote for it and if both sides are going to say yes why waste time on a vote.

Personally I would modernise parliament, bring in electronic voting and require a vote on basically everything - but doing that woudl have changed nothing.

cantkeepawayforever Tue 19-Oct-21 21:52:35


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: some people really, really don’t want this to end…

Do you think that the disruption to schooling that rampant infection is causing is imaginary? I have stated what is happening - not what i WANT to happen....

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