DH regrets having vaccine

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LifesTooShortYOLO Wed 04-Aug-21 18:27:11

So me and DH have both had both doses of Pfizer vaccine and I felt like I had done my research and outweighed the pros and cons and was happy with my decision.
The day after DH second dose he felt terrible he was laid in bed all day with aching, chills and what he describes as the most banging headache. I was fine 😳
The day after he was back to feeling his normal self.
Today he's come home from work and said he's had a banging headache all day just like the day after the vaccine, and in his words 'You don't know what shit they put into you do you really'
So now I'm freaking out 😂 I have health anxiety at the best of times and he is normally my reassurance and is always the one who rationalises with me about things when I'm feeling anxious. Now hearing him say that has made me question the whole Vaccine thing even though it's too late now anyway 😕😣

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caughtinanet Wed 04-Aug-21 18:28:57

How long ago did he have the vaccine?

Batshittery Wed 04-Aug-21 18:29:48

People react differently to the vaccine. If you're feeling fine, I wouldn't worry about it. Not much you can do now anyway. How long ago did you both have them?

Northernsoullover Wed 04-Aug-21 18:30:02

When did you have them? I had headaches after pfizer but I also had a banging headache yesterday. 3 months after my last dose. As there is nothing left of the vaccine after all this time I'm saying its correlation not causation. The usual caveats apply. If you have concerns seek medical advice

Quartz2208 Wed 04-Aug-21 18:30:03

How long ago did he have it?

Surely he just had a long day and had a headache - its humid and he may not have drunk much you know like we all did sometimes before Covid and Vaccines.

He seems to have taken 2+2 and made 5

Batshittery Wed 04-Aug-21 18:31:12

Sorry, I missed that you suffer anxiety. I know saying don't worry won't stop you worrying thanks

NoMoreChangesPlease Wed 04-Aug-21 18:31:17

I've had both doses as well - I was the opposite - I felt awful after my first one but fine after my second.
ExDP was fine after his first but ill after his second.

We were both a okay 24-48 hours after.

What I can say is that yes, while I felt awful after my jab, it was incredibly mild compared to having Covid last year..

Perhaps he needs to ensure he is having good water intake (as the weather is warming up again) and if he has a headache, to take paracetamol.
It may be completely unrelated!

If you have been unaffected and feel fine... stick with that. No stress, no worry.

Even if he brings out the dressing gown of doom...well. We all know man flu is the worst thing ever...


ineedaholidaynow Wed 04-Aug-21 18:34:44

Has he never had a headache before having the vaccine?

CharlotteRose90 Wed 04-Aug-21 18:37:12

I had both doses of the Astra and i regret them. Both have given me side effects which months on I still have. Will not be getting it again .

TooWicked Wed 04-Aug-21 18:39:14

Clearly everyone’s experience with the vaccine is different.

I had no side effects at all.

A friend who had covid 6 months ago, said when she had the vaccine last month the side effects were worse for her than having actual covid and she now won’t have the second dose.

LifesTooShortYOLO Wed 04-Aug-21 18:39:17

Sorry yes we both had our second dose a week ago today.
Yes he has had headaches before the vaccine obviously.

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BareGrylls Wed 04-Aug-21 18:44:18

I had weeks of headache after my second dose of AZ. However I don't blame the vaccine, it could just as easily have another cause.
Even if I knew I'd definitely get side effects I would still have the vaccine rather than risk covid.

RainbowCrayons Wed 04-Aug-21 18:45:54

It's easy to blame the vaccine for every symptom for ever after. I had my last done in February but when my period was late then early in May and June I did have an immediate hmm reaction. Almost certainly down to unrelated stress instead though.

And with regards to 'you have no idea what's in the vaccine' you have no idea what is in any medicine from paracetamol to antibiotics to lemsip to strepsils. They could sneak something in the water supply easier if they wanted to kill us/ turn us into lizards. Any pre-prepared food could be behind a sinister plot. If Bill Gates wanted to track you he could release an amazing app on your phone and get far more data than a microchip in a vaccine. And if it was a photoediting app to make me look amazing that happened to tell Bill Gates where I was... I would probably still download it! 🤣

MotherCanDoIt Wed 04-Aug-21 18:52:45

@RainbowCrayons interestingly there has been growing anecdotal evidence that the vaccine can affect menstrual cycles but the percentage is low. When I last looked researchers had just secured funding to investigate further.

ariana1 Wed 04-Aug-21 18:55:34

I had a up to10 days after my second Pfizer jab - I felt it showed I was building immunity.
I’ve no idea why you’d regret having the vaccine just because he’s reacted negatively. You’re both much safer.

SexTrainGlue Wed 04-Aug-21 18:56:16

It's really important to report potential side effects. You can do it yourself:


EKGEMS Wed 04-Aug-21 19:01:36

My life has been turned upside down in the past six months. I'm a front line RN and got both Pfizer vaccines as soon as my employer offered. I haven't worked in six months-tachycardia,fever,headaches,sore throat,thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, fever daily,vasculitis,elevated lipids and cholesterol, two rashes, new onset diabetes. Every month it's something bad. I just had a cardiac CT this am cause my labs are so bad. I've never been on so much medication. Don't mean to scare you by this post but I can honestly say I still want people to get vaccinated but to be educated.

Darbs76 Wed 04-Aug-21 19:02:05

He will be fine in a few days. That’s much preferable than the 3wks I’ve just suffered with Covid

FinallyFluid Wed 04-Aug-21 19:12:12

My best friend died from Covid at 55.

Itsprobablynotcominghome Wed 04-Aug-21 19:16:33

If you press his temple for 10 seconds, it will do a hard restart. Wait until you hear the start up sound, and see if that fixes the problem.

Otherwise, you are just stuck with a moaning man who can’t handle a little headache.

girlmom21 Wed 04-Aug-21 19:18:04

It's been hot today. Is he sure he's not just dehydrated or something? It's too easy to blame the vaccine sometimes.

nannynick Wed 04-Aug-21 19:19:23

Why would the headache today be caused by the vaccine he had last week? It might be connected, it might not.

After having two doses of the vaccine, top 5 Covid symptoms are:
1. Headache
2. Runny nose
3. Sneezing
4. Sore throat
5. Loss of smell
Source: ZOE Covid Study

He may regret having the vaccine but if he gets Covid and the vaccine stops him getting it severely, then he may be thankful that he did have the vaccine.

Libraryghost Wed 04-Aug-21 19:21:50

This isn’t about the vaccine, it’s about your health anxiety. You will be hyper aware of anything slightly off because your mind is hardwired to notice any ‘symptoms’ I know it’s hard but try and think rationally. We all get headaches and sometimes there is no reason.

HSHorror Wed 04-Aug-21 19:23:08

Ekgms - i think i would have a covid antibody test. As how do you know thats the vax not covid.
As covid causes
T1 diabetes
Fast heart rate etc

ajwbalsn Wed 04-Aug-21 19:25:35

I had what I thought were awful side effects after my first Pfizer dose. I was dreading the second, but I was completely fine. Upon reflection I'm guessing I just had another bug/illness after the first vaccine. I'm guessing the same is likely to be true for your husband.

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