17 year old in hospital

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OneLitreOfWater Tue 27-Jul-21 09:02:57

Hi, I guess I'm just looking for reassurance here and people's experiences. He's on day 11 of Covid and went into hospital yesterday when his oxygen sats went to 95%. He has typically bad Covid lungs apparently, no infection. He's asthmatic. This morning his sats were 92%. His treatment yesterday was set as nebuliser, dexomethasone, and oxygen when necessary. Obviously we're not allowed to visit and are really worried.

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YellowBellyCat Tue 27-Jul-21 09:06:50

No experience but sending good wishes. Can you face time?

Peridot1 Tue 27-Jul-21 09:08:05

Gosh how scary for you. I’ve no experience but just wanted to offer an handhold.

I think you have to focus on the fact he is in the right place. He is young. And they do know much more about treating it now.

Horrible that you can’t be with him though. My DS is almost 20 and I’d still want to be with him.

flapjackfairy Tue 27-Jul-21 09:08:40

Oh sending a massive hand hold. I have 2 children with complex needs music who would both be in trouble if they got it but I cant make anyone see sense re vacination.
Has your son has any doses of vacine ?
It rather makes a mockery of everyone saying all the vulnerable are protected so lets open up and crack on doesn't it ?
Anyway I will be thinking of you and your son and praying for a swift recovery.

OneLitreOfWater Tue 27-Jul-21 09:09:29

Thank you. We will be able to Face time when he's up to it, he has been too exhausted and he only had 2 hours sleep last night. sad

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Katya213 Tue 27-Jul-21 09:10:53

My nephews best mate is 24, he is the same, hes on a facemask and 40% oxygen. Its shocking for his family but the doctors are confident he will be okay. Your son will be okay too.xx

Cornettoninja Tue 27-Jul-21 09:11:04

How frightening for you, I can’t offer experience but I can offer reassurance that your ds is in the best place and they will be taking very good care of him.

Is he well enough for video calls?


Dontjudgeme101 Tue 27-Jul-21 09:13:10

Thinking of you.

OneLitreOfWater Tue 27-Jul-21 09:13:23

Oh thank you everyone. Really helps to talk. He was the first one ill in the house DS9 caught it and is also asthmatic but it was just a fever and extra Ventolin and he's right as rain now. Vaccinated dh and I didn't catch it.

@flapjackfairy You must be so worried about yours. It's very frustrating vulnerable children can't be vaccinated. Of course my ds was blasé about it but cautious for our sake. He caught it at school.

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Dontjudgeme101 Tue 27-Jul-21 09:13:24


Cornettoninja Tue 27-Jul-21 09:13:50

Cross posted that one - keep sending messages, the staff will pass on your messages so he knows you’re still rallying for him.

Take it step by step.

Noshowwithoutpunch Tue 27-Jul-21 09:16:52

Sending best wishes.
His treatment plan sounds good and the professionals will be with him keeping a close eye on him for you.
I wish your ds a speedy recovery.
Remember to look after yourself tooflowers

OneLitreOfWater Tue 27-Jul-21 09:17:09

@Katya213 That must be so worrying. Yes his doctors sounded confident too and obviously they have all the experience. When it's your own child it's so hard though.

@Cornettoninja He's too tired for calls atm which makes it worse. I get messages now and then.

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Cornettoninja Tue 27-Jul-21 09:21:36

That sounds so hard; I hope he’s feeling stronger soon and able to speak with you directly.

It’s very tough when all you can do is wait but you can do this. flowers

TellMeHowYouMet Tue 27-Jul-21 09:22:05

Thinking of you and your family @OneLitreOfWater thanks

Mummyoflittledragon Tue 27-Jul-21 09:31:58

Oh my. Hopefully your ds will be stronger soon and able to talk to you. flowers

GiveMeAUserName123 Tue 27-Jul-21 09:38:04

I wouldn’t worry to much. My oxygen levels have been in the 80s and as long as the oxygen was on I didn’t experience any pain or discomfort. It takes a while to be weaned off it though but steroids for his lungs will help combat that.

PinkPlantCase Tue 27-Jul-21 09:40:57

Thinking of your OP, he’s so young and will hopefully start improving quickly flowers

Is he on a children’s ward OP?

I was in hospital a lot with breathing difficulties when I was around 20. The thing I struggled with the most was being around much older people who were going to die in there. Respiratory wards are noisy places and listening to 80 year olds die/splutter on lung fluid was pretty upsetting.

I’m sharing because nobody really acknowledged how hard/scary being in that environment was for me so it may help you support your son as he comes out of this.

If he’s on a children’s ward though I imagine it won’t be so bad and the bays are usually smaller.

RunnerDown Tue 27-Jul-21 09:42:50

That sounds so difficult. Sending you all my best wishes. . Hope he improves quickly

GiveMeAUserName123 Tue 27-Jul-21 09:43:18

If he has only just gone into hospital that’s why his tired, it’s exhausting trying to breath when you can’t and really knocks you out if you’ve been struggling for a long period, in a few days with the oxygen on he will get some strength back as the oxygen breathes for him. It does take time.

Choconuttolata Tue 27-Jul-21 09:44:18

So sorry to hear this. My DH was hospitalised on day 6 and was on a ward for a week then home. His sats were much worse on arrival. Your son is in the right place and just needs to rest now whilst the medication has time to work. It must be hard not being able to see him, but they will look after him. DH felt much better within days of being admitted. Thinking of you flowers

Bryonyshcmyony Tue 27-Jul-21 09:45:11

How frightening for you OP. I agree with others he will be fine and his treatment plan sounds excellent

GiveMeAUserName123 Tue 27-Jul-21 09:46:00

Also agree about older people being in the bays with you, it’s the worst part really other than not being able to breath. It’s very jarring seeing it and it does disturb you a bit, but maybe he is so young he hasn’t realised about what’s actually happening with the older people on the ward.

OneLitreOfWater Tue 27-Jul-21 09:47:46

@GiveMeAUserName123 That's reassuring. I think my worry about oxygen is probably cos of it dipping at home but in hospital he'll be well supported with that won't he.

@PinkPlantCase Really appreciate that insight. They said he'd be going to a paediatric ward but he's ended up on a ward with a lot of old people. In a message last night he already mentioned the noises. I will definitely take that into consideration. My mum died last year (not Covid) and obviously he's still dealing with that so I can imagine that doubly impacting him.

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Bagelsandbrie Tue 27-Jul-21 09:48:03

So sorry to hear this. I have a 17 year old dd and can only imagine how worried you are. Hope he makes a speedy recovery flowers

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