All restrictions removed on the 19th July

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Baileysforchristmas Wed 23-Jun-21 06:12:39

Do you think this will happen? I hope so.

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AnyFucker Wed 23-Jun-21 06:15:10


LivinLaVidaLoki Wed 23-Jun-21 06:16:28

I hope so too @Baileysforchristmas

Bellasblankexpression Wed 23-Jun-21 06:16:40

Unfortunately no, although I really hope I’m wrong. There are already rumblings about another new variant, I think it will be pushed back or staggered

OneCatTooMany Wed 23-Jun-21 06:18:09

Sadly no I don't think so. They will say all the markers are not being hit and keep us where we are for another month or so

KatherineJaneway Wed 23-Jun-21 06:20:11

I hope they will.

tonystarksrighthand Wed 23-Jun-21 06:23:30

No. There will be some other variant bollox they will come up with


Rosehip10 Wed 23-Jun-21 06:39:17

No chance and if anyone believes BoJo they are deluded.

chaosrabbitland Wed 23-Jun-21 06:42:10

no , its just lies to string us along , there will be another scarient , more reasons why its not safe , they are already hinting about lockdowns over the winter period , this for a population that by then should be fully vaccinated by everybody that wants to be . there will be no end to it until people just stop complying

TreaslakeandBack Wed 23-Jun-21 06:42:34

No. I’ll be happy if they don’t lock us up more tbh!
Definitely no local lockdowns.

vegas888 Wed 23-Jun-21 06:44:06

So they should be, especially after reading about the 2,500 football VIP’S that are going to be allowed in without any quarantine.

BonnieDundee Wed 23-Jun-21 06:44:19

They've probably put that out there to shut up up about the Euros finals.

I hope I'm wrong

BonnieDundee Wed 23-Jun-21 06:45:28

To shut us up that should say

justinhawkinsnavalfluff Wed 23-Jun-21 06:46:52

Why would you believe anything in the Daily Fail?

FusionChefGeoff Wed 23-Jun-21 06:48:52

I do. They used very different language about terminus dates etc and the hospital admissions and deaths are still really low.

LightasaBreeze Wed 23-Jun-21 06:49:19

It's to placate the masses because of the furore which will happen because of the Euros.

If by slim chance it does happen they will be wailing like banshees on here

Baileysforchristmas Wed 23-Jun-21 06:57:56

And what about holidays?

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Watapalava Wed 23-Jun-21 06:58:43

it defo will

they wont be able to justify with all the euros

plus - most importantly, they'll want to recoup money incase of winter trouble

Even at the last announcement, they said - quote - they couldn't justify any restrictions once people have been vaccinated

The current daily death toll is still almost half that of the daily death toll with bad flu season

SpringRainbow Wed 23-Jun-21 06:58:54

Who knows.

I won’t rush around making plans until closer to the time.

We’ll get a feel for how likely it is to happen about a week or so before the big announcement.

The media will know first.

Watapalava Wed 23-Jun-21 06:59:23

Holidays are 100% guaranteed given whole of europe is pretty much doing the same and allowing vaccinated people to travel

Bordois Wed 23-Jun-21 07:00:33

The amber list thing is bollocks anyway, either its "safe" to go or it isn't. This mid-way 'you can go but don't go but its ok if you do go but we'd prefer you not to was unsustainable anyway.

Sparklingbrook Wed 23-Jun-21 07:01:39

Why are we being given links to the Daily Mail?
I have no idea what will happen on 19/7 my crystal ball is broken.

Scottishgirl85 Wed 23-Jun-21 07:06:18

Most things will go, but sadly I think masks will stay for a while yet.

Remmy123 Wed 23-Jun-21 07:11:10

They should

TopTabby Wed 23-Jun-21 07:12:17

I'd like to think so but think masks on public transport etc are here to stay for a while.
Fully expected to be asked to be patient for just a little longer by Boris AGAIN.
Can't see holidays abroad being as easy as reported this morning either.
Yet 60,000 fans for the Euro final?

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