Maternity appointments - bubble bursting

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iloveicelollies Tue 15-Jun-21 12:19:45

If one of your children are self isolating due to bubbles bursting can you still go to maternity hospital appointments.

Baby is being monitored regularly due to being small and also placenta complications.

It makes me very nervous to miss these as only thing keeping me calm right now is how much baby is monitored.

Says on letter to call ahead if you or household member has had a positive test so they can make your maternity care safe for all. Assuming would be same if you had symptoms. I was wondering what case is if someone is isolating due to bubble bursting but no symptoms.

As far as I was aware if daughter bubble bursts it's only she who has to isolate unless she gets symptoms, not all of us. I could still go to work (work from home so not important) and son can still go to school and clubs etc. I'm aware not to have visitors to home or use childcare out of bubble if someone's self isolating due to bubble, think I read that somewhere.

Thanks in advance for advice. Thanks also for not getting grumpy with me if you think this is something I should know after 15 months. Have seen a lot of angry posters frustrated with questions about covid and isolation recently.

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DistrictCommissioner Tue 15-Jun-21 12:23:31

If your child is isolating because they are a close contact of a positive case, then yes the rest of the household continues as normal including maternity appointments.

BikeRunSki Tue 15-Jun-21 12:23:34

Your child is a contact
You are the contact of a contact
Unless your child gets symptoms or had a positive Covid test, you don’t have to isolate ie: you can go, but can’t take your child with you

Mindymomo Tue 15-Jun-21 12:28:59

No only the child has to isolate if close contact, unless they have symptoms and need a test, then family members also have to isolate. Fortunately urgent/important maternity appointments will go ahead (where possible) even if you test positive so don’t worry. When you next have an appointment I would ask to put your mind at ease.

iloveicelollies Tue 15-Jun-21 12:30:15

Thank you. I'm in tears reading this. Got myself really worked up.

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iloveicelollies Tue 15-Jun-21 12:31:01

Next appointments are next Wednesday which would be day 10 of her isolation.

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InnaBun Tue 15-Jun-21 12:32:47

You're OK unless she gets symptoms but even then I'd give them a call as they will probably want to see you, they might just have to do it in a different room/PPE.


InnaBun Tue 15-Jun-21 12:33:38

They were very keen to stress in the early days that if you need to be seen for the baby you will be seen

MadeForThis Tue 15-Jun-21 12:47:40

You only need to isolate if she develops symptoms.

Girlmama3 Tue 15-Jun-21 12:50:55

In our area we have to do a lft before any appointment. That's me and who is going with you.

Could you do one before yours to put your mind at rest?

Hallyup6 Tue 15-Jun-21 12:53:44

One of my daughters had to isolate but the other could go to school as long as nobody developed symptoms. You can go to your appointments as normal at the moment. Don't worry.

iloveicelollies Tue 15-Jun-21 12:57:27

@Girlmama3 that's a good idea. It isn't mandatory where I am but they do say you should be doing in 3 times a week when pregnant. I'll do one I think before I go.

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