Is this positive?

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Glitterandunicorns Mon 14-Jun-21 21:57:40

I did a lateral flow test this evening then promptly forgot about it for two hours.
I've just gone to check it out and can see what appears to be a faint second line.

I know that because I left it too long before checking the result that I need to repeat the test, but I am having a major panic. (I have only had one vaccine so far and it's AZ, so I'm feeling anxious).

Can anyone else see the second line? Are lateral flow tests like pregnancy tests in that you can get a super faint result that is still positive; just that it's really early days?

I've attached a few images so hopefully you'll see what I mean.

I've just done another test and have set an alarm for 30 minutes this time. This will be a pretty long 30 minutes.

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BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Mon 14-Jun-21 21:58:59

Are you periodically testing anyways? In which case just do another one now. Or is it because of symptoms? In which case book a PCR.

SergeiL Mon 14-Jun-21 21:59:31

I can’t see a test line. You also need to read them within the specified time limit. I think you are good.

dementedpixie Mon 14-Jun-21 22:00:37

I don't see anything but a result after 30 minutes should be disregarded anyway

Glitterandunicorns Mon 14-Jun-21 22:00:55

I test usually approx once a week. I've just done another one (this time I've set an alarm!) but I'm just having a brief panic as this is the first time there has ever been a hint of a second line for me.

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Gluestick80 Mon 14-Jun-21 22:00:58

I think it is. My positive line was so so faint.

ssd Mon 14-Jun-21 22:02:48

Cant see it?


InnaBun Mon 14-Jun-21 22:02:49

I'd ignore it and wait for the new one. The instructions seemed quite strict about that.

Chailatteplease Mon 14-Jun-21 22:03:40

I had a faint test line show up on one test then it was gone before the 30 minutes. Repeated with another lateral flow and PCR, both negative.

InnaBun Mon 14-Jun-21 22:04:10

If that's what a positive looks like then no wonder it's still spreading

RoseAndRose Mon 14-Jun-21 22:07:41

As you didn't check it for 2 hours, bin it and do another.

You have no idea if it had a line then, that has faded, or if it didn't but it's dried up a bit eccentrically

OliveTree75 Mon 14-Jun-21 22:07:57

I can't see anything. My positives were faint but you can see them on photo.

LeafBeetle Mon 14-Jun-21 22:07:57

I can't see a line

roobicoobi Mon 14-Jun-21 22:09:10

I can see it but because it's out of time it might be false.

SirVixofVixHall Mon 14-Jun-21 22:10:20

I can see the faint line but agree you need to redo the test.
Try not to worry, one vaccine dose should give you some protection against serious illness even if it is positive,

neveradullmoment99 Mon 14-Jun-21 22:10:24

I can't see anything!

InnaBun Mon 14-Jun-21 22:11:11

They ought to put a magnifying glass in with the kit

LifesTooShortYOLO Mon 14-Jun-21 22:17:01

I can see a faint line also but only if I look closely.
I had the same a few weeks back, I did another which was negative and then a PCR also negative.
Try again and see what the results say x

LifesTooShortYOLO Mon 14-Jun-21 22:18:13

This was mine...

Glitterandunicorns Mon 14-Jun-21 22:24:09

@LifesTooShortYOLO was your test definitely positive?

Thanks all. My 30 mins are up and it looks like the second test is negative. Thank God!

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Glitterandunicorns Mon 14-Jun-21 22:25:07

Sorry @LifesTooShortYOLO I just saw your other message. I'm so pleased to hear your tests were negative. It's confusing and scary enough without uncertain test results!

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InnaBun Mon 14-Jun-21 22:41:17


Sorry @LifesTooShortYOLO I just saw your other message. I'm so pleased to hear your tests were negative. It's confusing and scary enough without uncertain test results!

Yeah they need to work on that. Make one of those ovulation stick things with a smiley or sad face.

ihearttc Mon 14-Jun-21 22:55:18

There definitely looks like a line on the first picture. That’s exactly what my positive looked like.

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