How is all this affecting your mental health?

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Namechanged4thi5 Mon 14-Jun-21 21:08:12

I’m at rock bottom. I’ve namechanged for this - long term mumsnet yet

I was slowly climbing out if the hole I was in but feel kicked right back

1). I’ve not had the vaccine yet- I’m 40. Not an anti vaxxer but needed some time. Now husband is convinced that I’m going to die of the delta variant- he wouldn’t listen to the the fact that I’m not an anti vaxxer called me names like Qanon etc, which is upsetting

2). Now I feel scared about going into work thinking I’m about to catch it

3). I’ve booked my appointment but feel very nervous

All the work I did over months to deal with my panic anxiety unravelled in a matter of hours….

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