If a family member is isolating due to being a ‘close contact’ do you take extra precautions?

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hopingforabrighterfuture2021 Mon 14-Jun-21 20:46:05

Interested in views on this. One of my children is currently self isolating due to being a ‘close contact’ of a child at her school who tested positive (PCR). The ‘rules’ state that none of us need to isolate, unless my child or we develop symptoms and test positive.

So, my other child is going to school, I’m going to work (in a school!) my husband is WFH as normal.

But in this situation, is it sensible to take precautions like:

Not going into shops if possible
Not going to people’s houses
Not going to other public places/events

Or do you carry on as normal?

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ColettesEarrings Mon 14-Jun-21 20:51:11

I carried on as normal within the bounds of what was allowed at the time, Dec 20. Given delta variant I wouldn't go inside someone's home, I wouldn't do coffees etc indoors in cafes, I would continue to do take away coffee outside, and I would continue to do my usual shopping etc.

FindingMeno Mon 14-Jun-21 20:52:41

Carry on as normal.

FlyingFlamingo Mon 14-Jun-21 20:56:41

Dd1 is isolating, the rest of us are still going to work/school/shops etc BUT she had a negative PCR on day one as advised in the new guidance (this may just be in Wales, I don’t know), I’ve also had a negative PCR (Siren study) this week and a negative LFT and I’m double jabbed. Dd1 will have another test on day 8 before she is released.

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