Changing 2nd vaccine date

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WarriorN Sat 12-Jun-21 09:17:38


Had first AZ about 7 weeks ago. Second one is booked 12 weeks after first, so about 5 weeks time but possibly going to be a challenge to get to now. Not impossible but ideally would prefer on a different day. I'm mid 40s.

Dh suggested moving as many weeks earlier as possible partly as I'm an sen teacher and working in an area where delta is an issue with surge testing. Not as bad as NW though. Also as some age groups are being officially asked to bring it forward. And he seems to think there's a lot of AZ available.

The phone line explained all the ins and outs, cancelling etc and never actually said I couldn't yet, is it possible to book that much earlier before they've officially sent a text asking you to?

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Nicnic91 Sat 12-Jun-21 09:19:45

Yes, Az - brought my husbands and mine forward by 3 weeks and had 2nd yesterday. Go online cancel then rebook.

WarriorN Sat 12-Jun-21 09:26:51

Great, so no issues with not being officially asked to yet? Anecdotally I've been told many aren't going for second dose after bad symptoms from first.

But a consultant neurosurgeon father I happened to be chatting to in the playground yesterday said delta apparently definitely needs two jabs...! (Though I know you can still catch it even then.)

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WarriorN Sat 12-Jun-21 09:36:12

Just booked smile

21st June. The irony!

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Bluntness100 Sat 12-Jun-21 09:37:27

Well done op. And that stats would show the overwhelming majority are going for their second.

WarriorN Sat 12-Jun-21 09:39:43

Glad to hear it. This was anecdotally. So not to be trusted clearly!

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Marilla1966 Sat 12-Jun-21 09:42:35

I changed mine online from 11 to 8 weeks and had my second AZ last night. No symptoms with the first and none so far with the second. Feel relieved as I’m a teacher too x


WarriorN Sat 12-Jun-21 09:50:10

It's only allowed me from 8 weeks post first. But lots of availability.

Dh had a different vaccine and hasn't been able to change it.

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